6 Things That Set Us Apart from Other Sites

1. No Login or Registration Required

Go straight to the scholarships that interest you and begin the application process.

Every scholarship in our database is easy and simple to view, just by clicking.

With our website you avoid time-wasting survey forms, intrustive sales pitches & do not need to enter any usernames or passwords.

We help fund our research through clearly marked ads which are contextually driven versus being targeted on your personal information.

2. The Scholarships you want are just a Few Clicks Away

Narrow your search through our site to quickly find the opportunities you want. Please note that the selections become more unique as you search further, and the selections are located at the top of the left menu for easy browsing.

  • Here is one example of searching our site, starting with the home page: To view scholarships offered to Native American students, you would first select the ‘Minority’ category, then view the top left menu where a list of minority groups are listed. Select ‘Native American’ from the menu list, where you will arrive at a list of specialized Native American scholarship information in just two clicks. Simple.

There are many other categories to browse through.

Some of our most popular scholarship collections are:

Or catalog lists many additional student specific scholarships. It doesn't matter if you are left handed or a bit weird, there is money to pay for your books and tuition.

3. Ad-Free, No Registration, Open Access Scholarship Search Engine

Prefer to search through an interactive database rather than click around? You're in luck. We recently launched a scholarship search engine listing 23,394 award programs. It has an ad-free uncluttered interface & no account registration required! Try it today.

Scholarship Search Engine.

Here is a usage guide highlighting search options.

4. College Grant and Student Loan Information also Available.

Besides scholarships, you can receive other financial aid in the form of grants and student loans. We cover these topics with a very wide perspective so you can make an informed decision to fulfill your financial need requirements.

5. Search the Web using our Customized, Spam-Free Google Search Engine

We scoured the web and chose only reputable websites to include in our customized search engine database, which is powered by Google technology. You won’t have to worry about arriving at any questionable websites or resources if you use this valuable new tool.

6. Our Financial Aid Blog is Overseen by Educational Experts

We have relationships with educational consultants, financial aid directors/officers, and others who work daily on a face-to-face basis with college students and their financial issues. All of our up-to-date news, opinion, and commentary concerning financial aid and other college-related topics can be accessed by subscribing and reading our Financial Aid Blog.


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