Students: Calculate Your Finances

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We offer a collection of helpful utilities to help college students, parents & other individuals save money & achieve their financial goals.

College Finances


  • Savings Goal - see how long it will take you to reach your goals given your current savings
  • Compound Savings - basic savings calculator which shows the compounding impact of interest
  • Don't Delay Savings - tool which highlights the importance of saving money early & what a large impact a few years can have on the end result
  • Emergency Savings - ensuring you have money set aside for any unforeseen incident makes life more tolerable when you get a curve ball
  • Home Down-payment Savings - planning on saving up for a home? this tool will help you see how long it will take to reach your down-payment goal
  • Savings, Taxes & Inflation - see the value in savings in constant Dollars by accounting for the impact of taxes & inflation

Credit Cards

  • Credit Card Minimum Payment - calculator highlights how expensive it is to pay only minimum payments on credit card debt
  • Credit Card Optimizer - tool which helps you see which credit cards you should pay off first & if it makes sense to take advantage of low introductory APR balance transfer options
  • Credit Card Payoff - see how long it will take you to pay off your credit cards
  • Credit Card Debt Roll-down - shows how long it will take to pay off credit cards for a given monthly budget, starting with the highest interest rate cards first


  • Credit Assessment - have less than perfect credit? this tool helps estimate your credit if you are behind on some payments
  • Loan - basic loan calculator which can be used to calculate monthly payments on auto, home & personal loans
  • Cost of Debt - tool makes it easy to see the full cost of repaying debt
  • Debt Consolidation - see if it makes sense to consolidate credit card debt & other debt into a single payment
  • Personal Debt Consolidation - tool which shows the monthly cost of current debt payments versus a single consolidated loan payment
  • Accelerated Debt Payoff - shows how to pay off debts even faster by consolidating them & including the savings into a further principle payment
  • How Much do You Owe? - quickly add up all your debts
  • Debt to Income Ratio - compare your ratio of monthly debt payments against your income
  • Home Budget Planner - tool to help you plan your family finances
  • Snowball Debt Elimination - start with the highest interest debt or the smallest debt & knock out your debts one by one to see how long until you reach financial freedom
  • Streamlined Snowball Debt Elimination - similar to the above snowball tool, but lists all debts in a single section where you can label each debt rather than placing them in categories




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