Student Loans from Nelnet

Please Note**

Nelnet is no longer offering student loans. Its loan products have been supplanted by the Federal Direct Loan program. The following information has been maintained for historical referencing purposes.

Focusing on Consolidation Offers

Student loan provider Nelnet offers students many of the same student loan products as do similar lenders, but with a decided emphasis on student loan consolidation. Nearly every student loan provider offers some form of consolidation loan for students, but it is almost a second thought to the process. Nelnet puts their student loan consolidation products at the top of their class.

Student Loan Consolidation

The high cost of college means that some students are graduating with many thousands of dollars in college costs to pay for. In some cases it could take years to pay off the loans. Unless you find a well-paying job right out of college, which is becoming less and less likely, chances are you will need to consider loan consolidation.

For many students and borrowers in general, debt consolidation can be an embarrassing topic. But the risk is that you could default on loans while struggling to meet high monthly payments. Should you default on a loan your future financial climate can be marred for years. So consider consolidating.

The representatives at Nelnet are trained to advise you regarding repayment problems and loan consolidation. Did you know that you could consolidate Nelnet loans while you are still in school? This is a useful option especially if you want to lock into a low interest rate.

Two types of loan consolidation products are available to Nelnet customers: federal student loan consolidation and private student loan consolidation.

Loan Programs

Nelnet participates in the federal Stafford loan program, Perkins Loan program, as well as the PLUS loan program that features two types of loans; one for parents and the other for graduate students.

Explore Nelnet's competitive private educational loans to fill in the gaps where federal loans fall short. Borrow as little or as much as you need at interest rates designed for students.

Nelnet specializes in a comprehensive web-based customer service. You can access all of Nelnet's products and services, as well as apply for loans and manage all aspects of your loan account.

Lender Products

Besides being a direct financial aid provider, Nelnet also delivers system integration solutions for other lenders and schools.