Citibank Student Loans

Once of the Largest Private Student Loan Lenders

* Important Notice:  On December 31st, 2010, Citibank sold its student lending business to Discover Bank.  During the transition period, Citi continued to offer services under its signature program, CitiAssist Loans.  As of December 29th, 2012, Citibank ceased taking applications for student loans.  The following entry is maintained as an informational resource and historical reference.

Citibank is one of the premier private lending and banking institutions. Best known for their comprehensive banking and investment services, this company now offers college students and parents of college students a valuable array of services that cater specifically to all aspects of college funding.

Before you can even apply for a college loan there are important decisions to make. Citibank not only specializes in the financial aspects of a college career, but their financial expertise makes them some of the foremost advisors when it comes to making important college decisions. Need help deciphering the mumbo-jumbo of a college acceptance/offer letter? Citibank will help guide you to understanding the subtle details of each college offer; which may translate to financial savings down the road.

Apply through Citibank for the best rates on Stafford Loans, Parent PLUS loans and Graduate PLUS loans. Citibank also features its own signature line of student loans - CitiAssist College Loans, specifically designed for college students.

CitiAssist Loans

The CitiAssist student loans from Citibank are specially designed to meet the funding needs of various types of students. CitiAssist loans are available for undergraduate college students, graduate students, law students, students pursuing degrees in healthcare, and even K-12 students.

The benefits of a loan such as a CitiAssist student loan, is that the lending institution has the flexibility to offer the most benefits possible. Citibank assures lowest interest rates possible, flexible repayments, no payments until after graduation and no-limits on amount of loans. Most students who receive Federal funds often require other student loans to help them cover the full cost of college.

Applicants can receive a loan response within minutes directly from Citibank's online interface. And do not neglect checking out Citibank's special offers. Many private lenders offer occasional special rates, loan discounts or perks associated with student loans.

Saving for College and Choosing Loans

Many students and parents of students simply lack the financial savvy necessary to make the best decisions regarding their student loans. For this reason, Citibank makes critical information available to their customers. Students and parents have access to abundant information on saving for college and shopping for the right type of student loans.