Student Loans from Chela

Searching for the Best Loan

NOTE: In 2008, Chela was absorbed by Nelnet. The following information has been retained for historical reference — but for current student loan offers, you are encouraged to read more about Nelnet.


Shopping for the most competitive student loans, discounts or rebates? Chela Education Financing is a one of the premier student loan providers in the industry today.

Their position as one of the leading student loan companies enables them to offer direct savings to their student borrowers. Chela advertises attractive discounts in comparison to many of the more common and well-known banking lenders who are currently heavily invested in the student loan business.

Chela Education Financing specializes in making the information necessary to choose the right loans and the right lenders.


Applying for any type of Chela student loan could not be easier or more convenient. Don't have access to a computer 24/7? Apply for Chela student loans online, via mail, or over the phone. Many of their competitors in the financial aid industry offer web-based services that may exclude some customers who don't have regular and consistent access to a computer or the Internet.

If you need further information on how financial aid works, saving for college and choosing the right student loan, Chela makes topic-specific articles and tutorials available. They realize many students are on their own when it comes to making student loan decisions.

Loan Products and Services

Online tools such as the expense calculators, loan wizard and college search are useful for students who need to dig a bit deeper for information specific to planning the particulars of their student loan needs.

Considering online college programs or distance learning? This typically untapped source of students is growing exponentially. Chela finances student loans for Distance Education Resource, one of their student loan partners.

Federal loans offered include the guaranteed Stafford Loan, and the Parent and Graduate/Professional PLUS Loans. Since partnering with Nelnet, Chela features a Chela/Nelnet Consolidation Loan suitable for combining multiple student loans into a more affordable, single monthly payment.

Student consolidation loans have become very popular. It is not uncommon for graduates to carry many thousands of dollars in college debt. Unless they are lucky enough to have landed a very good job right out of college then they will be likely candidates for a student loan consolidation.

Alternative Loans

Chela's Golden State Bonus Benefits program is specially designed for students enrolled in a college in California or college students who are permanent residents of the state, but are enrolled elsewhere. The program offers appealing incentives for medical students, as well as zero interest Stafford loans.