Getting an Access Group College Loan

Grad Loans for Law and Medicine

In 2010, handling of student loans was redirected to the Direct Loan Program. The following information has been retained for archival reference.


Depending upon a student’s specialty, it is not uncommon to run out of student loan funds before you finish your education. Fortunately, companies such as Access Group were created to give you access to funding even when everything else is tapped out. Access Group offers general federal loans, as well as private loans that specialize in law, dental, medical and health science studies.

Federal Loan Programs

Access Group offers federal loan programs for students in graduate, or undergraduate study, covering a wide variety of college program needs. For example, parents may apply for federal loans on behalf of children pursuing undergraduate studies. Graduates that have hit their max on other federal loan programs may apply for additional funds. A student with multiple loans can apply to consolidate their loans into one single loan. Finally, Access Group offers both subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Stafford loans to eligible students.

Law Study

Access Group was first called The Law School Assured Access Program, then changed to Law Access, Inc. Once the company began providing funding for students of other disciplines, it was renamed to its current, Access Group. As Law Access, Inc., this organization recognized that the expense of getting a J.D. could be insurmountable for students that have already used the entire federal loan program for their general studies. The company realized an untapped niche of educational loans and decided that besides the standard federally guaranteed loans it would also offer specialized private loans for law students, such as the Law Access Loan and the Bar Examination Loan. The Law Access Loan specifically covers expenses related to tuition. The Bar Examination loan covers exam fees, and even bar exam prep courses and associated materials and expenses.

Dental Study

Should you choose to become a dentist, chances are your educational costs will surpass federal loan limits. Access Group offers the Dental Access Loan, the Dental Residency Loan, and the Board Examination Loan just for such situations. The Dental Access Loan is available to students without any lifetime limit on the amount that can be borrowed. It is designed with the needs of dental students in mind in that it is not payable for 9 months after you complete classes, and can be deferred during your residency. The Dental Residency Loan covers the costs for anything related to obtaining and keeping a resident position. This includes traveling to and from locations to interview, or even relocation expenses. Dentists cannot work unless they pass the boards, so the Board Examination Loan is available to help you prepare for your exam as well.

Medical or Health Studies

Well-trained medical and allied health professionals are constantly in short supply. There is also no doubt that the expense and time necessary for training in these programs can be a deterrent to students with even the best of intentions. Access Group helps to address the financial challenges faced by many students pursuing a health profession by offering the Medical Access Loan, the Medical Residency Loan, and the Health Access Loan to graduate students. There are no fees for any of the loans. For both the Medical Access Loan and the Health Access loan, payments are not due until 9 months after you complete school. In cases where a residency is required, forbearance is available. For residencies after medical school, the Medical Residency Loan can be used to obtain up to $15,000 in additional funding.

Application Process

The Access Group offers a variety of ways to apply for their funding. This organization was the first to offer student applications completely by phone through their "Loan Line" which is 1-800-282-1550. In addition, a written application may be requested or the application process can be completed entirely online.