Sociology Scholarships

Human Relations, Special Populations and How Society Works

Sociology is the study of human social interactions. A sociology student investigates every aspect of social development and structure, and collective behavior as opposed to the behavior of individuals (which is the province of a similar science called psychology). Sociology contains any number of fascinating areas of specialization, including criminal justice, social inequality, and how education affects human development.

There is a wide universe of sociology scholarships, so what appears below is not a complete listing but a representative overview.

Scholarships From Colleges

University of North Texassociology scholarships

The Department of Sociology at the University of North Texas (UNT) offers four scholarships to its undergraduates, as follows:

  • The Leonard Benson Scholarship has established these criteria: GPA of 3.0, and either enrollment in or completion of six credit hours in sociology. The recipient must be in school when the award is paid out, and the Benson is worth at least $500 per year.
  • The Elizabeth Esterchild Scholarship wants its applicants to adhere to departmental performance standards while enrolled full-time in the department. If a full-time sociology student cannot be found, then full-time enrollment in the College of Public Affairs and Community Service will be substituted.
  • The Lynne Killgore Scholarship will accept either an undergraduate or a graduate student. The current amount of the Killgore is $500 a year, and it is potentially renewable for all four years, if funding permits.
  • The Sociology Undergraduate Student Scholarship has the same requirements as the Benson award described above, and its amount is $200.

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

The Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice program belonging to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) includes the following scholarship options for its sociology majors:

  • The Donna J. Arne Scholarship goes to a financially needy junior who is majoring in sociology and has a GPA of 2.5.
  • The John C. Imrie Memorial Scholarship seeks a junior or senior with an overall GPA of at least 3.3 who exhibits leadership and engagement in extracurricular activities. Preference goes to sociology majors.
  • The Drs. Clifford and Carole Mottaz Scholarship is intended for a transfer student to UWRF, and sociology majors receive first priority.

Calvin College

Calvin College’s Sociology and Social Work Department presents a clear, well-organized page describing its scholarships. Here are four of those suitable for sociology majors:

  • The Barbara Gezon Baker Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Sociology and Social Work goes to a student with an impressive scholastic record, and applicants must be nominated by the department. A parallel consideration is writing ability.
  • The Dr. Donald Bouma Memorial Scholarship in Sociology and Social Work is given to a junior or senior in either discipline who consents to write a term paper relating to social justice.
  • The Sociology and Social Work Faculty Honors Scholarship supports a senior, and the two Leanne Joy Knot Scholarships choose either juniors or seniors.

Sam Houston State University

The Department of Sociology at Sam Houston State University awards three scholarships of its own accord, with no application requirement. They are named by criteria: the Highest GPA – Sociology Major, Highest GPA – Sociology Minor, and Service to Sociology Department and Community, which is intended for a member of the Sociology club or AKD, the international Sociology honor society. These one-time gifts are distributed every semester.

There are also scholarships for which you must apply in the normal fashion, like these:

  • The Dan and Donna Beto Sociology Scholarship goes to a full-time student (undergraduate or graduate student) who has a GPA of 3.0 and nine credit hours in sociology courses. Those studying Social Control, Deviance, or Inequality are preferred.
  • The Prince Sociology Scholarship is quite similar, but substitutes financial need for the specialization preference.
  • The Walter & Minnie Bennett Scholarship goes to a full-time undergraduate or graduate student who focuses on one of two areas: marriage and family or community interaction.

Austin Peay State University

Austin Peay State University’s Department of Sociology hands out the Mary Keller Cox Faculty Scholarships to sociology majors, according to both present academic achievement and future potential to contribute to the field. You may contact the department directly for more details on these awards.

Texas Woman’s University

The Department of Sociology and Social Work at Texas Woman’s University lists six scholarships, plus a graduate fellowship. Endowed scholarships distributed to departmental majors, either undergraduates or graduate students, include awards named for Ann Lindemann Starnater, Jessie H. Humphries, Charles Rodney Albert, and Bertha and Morris Levy.

The Roy A. Miller Scholarship is intended for graduate students only.

Washington State University

Washington State University’s Department of Sociology maintains a number of scholarships and awards. Here are three of those designated for undergraduate sociology majors:

  • The Paul and Bessie Landis Scholarship covers tuition and is intended to reward students for both academic excellence and commitment to bettering society.
  • The Ruth Magnuson Roberts Scholarship, for a minimum of $250, goes to a sophomore or junior who has at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • The Roberta Cline Frasier Anderson Scholarship gives as much as $1,000 to a female student who returned to school.


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