Consumer Science Scholarships

Dream of Becoming the Next Ralph Nader?

Consumer Science and Family Science encompass careers and curricular areas relating to the ways people interact.  Individual behavior, and the way it manifests itself in family and community relationships is fair game for consumer science studies, which draws from wide-ranging specialties to shed light on environmental impacts.  Nutrition, human ecology, parenting practices, early childhood education and family economics are only a few of the diverse topical areas covered by consumer science education.

Educational opportunities exist at all levels, preparing graduates for careers as professional consumer advocates, nutritionists, activists, food science experts, family counselors, and a host of other closely related professions.

Professional associations and individual college consumer science departments are prime financial aid resources for students completing related degrees.  Use your campus financial aid office and industry affiliations to land tuition assistance for family and consumer science education.

Scholarship Programsconsumer science scholarships

Montana State University relies on a stable of privately endowed scholarships to help students succeed in their programs. Among the available undergraduate financial aid options are over a half-dozen initiatives specifically earmarked for Family and Consumer Science majors. MSU’s program is accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, and is designed by the College’s Department of Health and Human Development to offer comprehensive preparation for employment in related fields. To qualify, students must major in Health and Human Development, with concentrations in Consumer Science.  Specialized options are available, focusing on areas like nutrition and family science:

  • Ramona Marotz-Baden Scholarship is reserved for graduate students in the program.
  • Vivian Baker Scholarship.
  • Bertha Cochrane Clow Scholarship goes to those Family and Consumer Science majors who are emphasizing nutrition.

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln Cooperative Extension is strong in agriculture programs, supporting the traditional social and economic fabric of the region. The Family and Consumer Science major, a natural compliment to the other curricula offered by the University, qualifies for the Brown County Family and Community Education Agriculture or Family Consumer Science Scholarships. Each applicant is asked to provide a well-written essay outlining his or her career goals and college funding needs. The scholarship is awarded based on merit and motivation to succeed in the field.

Faculty teaching Family and Consumer Science at Penn State University Extension may qualify for continuing education scholarships established to keep university educators on the cutting edge of consumer science. The Family and Consumer Science Scholarship, named in Honor of Dr. Helen E. Bell, is offered to outstanding faculty members whose teaching duties lead them into the public sector. Awards are each valued at $1,000.

The John and Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Science, at the University of Arizona, maintains a list of scholarships that are reserved exclusively for students enrolled in the program. UA purports to have one of the most extensive family and consumer science programs in the country - with undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degree programs in-place for consumer science studies.  Programs are heavily supported by campus financial aid, including these recent opportunities:

  • Ruth Cowden Undergraduate Scholarships in Family and Consumer Science are given to top degree candidates, based on recommendations from faculty members – specific award amounts vary.
  • The John and Clara Bruhn Scholarship is given to outstanding undergraduates who are natives of Arizona, and majoring in Retailing and Consumer Sciences. Award values average $1,000 each.
  • Upper-level students enrolled in participating Retailing and Consumer Sciences programs qualify for Joseph and Lillian Cacioppo-Young Scholarships. Eligible applicants demonstrate academic excellence, and aptitude for the profession.
  • Kimberly J. McManus-Lopez Scholarship in Retailing is earmarked for qualified students who can prove financial need.  Academic merit is also considered, when determining winners for the annual $1,000 awards.
  • J.C. Penney Company, Inc. Scholarships are not available everywhere, which makes them attractive awards. Applicants must be undergraduates enrolled in Retailing and Consumer Sciences degree majors. Each award is valued at $1,500.
  • Wal-Mart Scholarships are awarded based on similar criteria - Awards are valued up to $1,000.

The School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Texas State University supports these scholarships for students in the major:

  • Robbie and Charles Zunker Scholarships go to undergraduates with economic need and histories of scholastic excellence.
  • Azalete and Byron Little Scholarships also go to financially needy students with high academic scores.

Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg Kansas, offers educational scholarships through its Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Campus-specific funding for consumer science majors is designed to fill financial aid shortcomings that exist after other forms of assistance are exhausted.  University applications are sufficient for campus programs, and the Department also highlights these opportunities that require additional application paperwork.


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