Social Welfare Scholarships

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Social welfare is a specialty within social work that focuses on specific demographic or economic groups, or neighborhoods, communities or segments of society, with an ultimate goal of supporting the well-being of that particular demographic. Its emphasis is creating a more humane and just society for everyone. Studies in the field provide curriculum in a broad range of social services, including sociological and economical, work-related coursework.  If you are pursuing social welfare as a degree, you may choose to focus on a particular population. Make sure you explore the emphasis of each program or scholarship before deciding on your path. Sometimes, they are in specialized issues: poverty; hunger; homelessness;, mental illness; disenfranchized children, families, seniors or minorities; substance abuse; housing; and other societal issues.

A degree in social welfare prepares you for a wide range of careers, including those in government, non-profits, business and education. Many graduates go on to careers in social work, non-profit organizing, fundraising, or counseling, while others continue onto higher degrees.

social welfare scholarships

Scholarship Programs

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Helen Bader School of Social Welfare offers varying degrees in criminal justice or social work. There are several scholarships awarded based on the information undergraduates provide in the scholarship application, including:

Students interested in pursuing a major in social welfare at the University of Kansas may be qualified for any number of scholarships through the School of Social Welfare:

School of Social Welfare majors attending SUNY-Stony Brook in New York provides a well-balanced program for both undergraduate and graduate students. The comprehensive program preps the next generation of professionals for careers in a range of social work specialties, particularly in the realm of healthcare. It also offers specialized scholarships:

Each spring, the University of North Carolina’s School of Social Work awards 28 scholarships and four awards for returning students working on their Masters in Social Work, including: