Scholarships for African-American Studies

Keep Up With Your Tuition Costs

African-American Studies is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the history, culture, and politics of African Americans, from Africa through the Caribbean. It is a rich topic that encompasses religion, literature, sociology, humanities, and other routes of scholarly inquiry. Because of its breadth of subject matter, this area of study is applicable to a wide range of career paths: education, law, government, politics, communications, social work, and business.

Financial assistance is available to those studying at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Here are some examples to consider:

Ford Foundation Predoctoral Diversity Fellowships

Approximately 60 fellowships are offered each year at the at the predoctoral level. Each fellowship provides funding for three years, or can be spread over five years, to a student pursuing either a Ph.D or an Sc.D. Recipients must show commitment to teach and research at the college or university level as a career goal and have a superior academic record. Individuals pursuing major disciplines and interdisciplinary ethnic studies programs, including African-American Studies, are eligible to apply for funding. Because one of the foundation’s major goals is to augment minority groups that are underrepresented in the American professoriate, applicants should be: Alaskan Native; African-American; Mexican American; Native American Indian; Native Pacific Islander; or Puerto Rican.

An annual stipend in the amount of $20,000.00 is paid to each Ford Foundation grant recipient, in addition to an award to the institution in lieu of tuition and fees and other benefits. An application form is available online. In addition, an official transcript, an essay, letters of recommendation and other materials are required.

University of Rochester, Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies

The University of Rochester and the Frederick Douglass Institute offer:african american studies scholarships

University of Houston, African American Studies Program

Several scholarships are available to students enrolled in minor and major degree programs in African-American Studies at the University of Houston. The scholarships are awarded based on merit; the minimum GPA required to be considered varies with each program. Five undergraduate scholarships provide $1,000 in funding to successful applicants, while two others help with paying for textbooks or studying abroad. For graduates, UH offers graduate an assistantship and one graduate certificate scholarship to UH students.

University of Kansas, Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP)

The University of Kansas offers scholarships for students in African and African-American Studies:

AAAS students also can apply for admittance into UK’s Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP), which offers five generous scholarships, along with mentoring from students and faculty members at KU. The goal of the program is to recruit minorities and other under-represented students (including first-generation college students and those with high financial need).  Upon admission as an MSP, a scholarship is provided as long as the student remains in the program, if funding is available.

The Metropolitan State College at Denver, Department of African and African-American Studies

Metropolitan State offers the African American Studies Scholarship to attract new students majors into the field. A GPA of at least 2.5 is required. Students interested in applying for the scholarship must have completed a minimum of 60 hours of coursework to be considered. At least 12 hours of the coursework must have been taken at Metropolitan State College.