Scholarships for the Czech Republic

Steeple-Counting in Prague

Students engaging in higher education, in the Czech Republic, are often examining the country’s political and social contrasts. The country, once under stiff government control, is now spreading its wings for greater involvement in the world economy.  Social scientists, polical science majors, and international business students each mine the former Czechoslovakia for case studies on Eastern European socio-economics. 

Inernational studies adds to the financial burden of higher education, so study-abroad assistance is coveted by financial-aid seekers pursuing global education.  Students embarking on Czech Republic education are well-served by scholarship programs originating from funding organizations committed to international higher education.

Get Paid to Study in PragueCzech Republic scholarships

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships are some of the leading study abroad resources available today. Established by the Federal Government’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the program offers scholarships supporting the ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’, for a stint in the Czech Republic. To qualify, you must be receiving Pell Grants – an immediate measure of your financial status. The more challenging your proposed educational program, the better is your chance of landing Gilman assistance.  

These are ultra-competitive awards, so even though there are over 700 scholarships dispensed annually, there many deserving applicants who don’t make the cut for assistance.   Minorities, disabled students and those attending non-liberal arts institutions, like community colleges and two-year professional colleges, are encouraged to apply. These are traditionally underrepresented populations in international studies programs, so at-risk candidates receive special consideration for landing awards. Gilman Scholars are eligible for as much as $5,000 each academic year.

Because of the Czech Republic’s position in Eastern Europe,  David L. Boren Scholarships provide relevant funding for Czech studies.  Created by the Federal Government, these scholarships are aimed at educating the next generation of high-level security leaders, across a range of disciplines. Eligible applicants must be pursuing degrees in approved critical needs countries, like the Czech Republic.  Preference for winning is given to programs that provide participants with opportunities to assimilate into regional culture and language. Students may apply for undergraduate or graduate awards, which are valued at as much as $20,000 each. There is a 1-for-1 exchange attached to the scholarship, which requires one year of work, for the Department of Defense or Homeland Security, in exchange for each year of scholarship assistance. Preference for winning the awards is given to candidates who are considering long-term careers in the defense industry.

Study Abroad Organizations

CIEE offers a study-abroad program in the Czech Republic. Students work on-location, in Prague, to examine the socio-political vicissitudes that have been formative influences in the current system. Scholarships are competitive for programs offered by CIEE, a leading study abroad provider.  For example:

  • Robert Bailey Scholarships are designed to offer modest support for minority students enrolled abroad. Applicants must have academic transcripts reflecting excellence, and prove financial need. Awards are each valued at $500.
  • CIEE International Studies Scholarships are the flagship awards dispensed by the organization. Award amounts vary depending on how many are given annually, and selection is judged competitively, based on academic performance and financial need.

The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) is another leading provider for challenging and well-planned study-abroad programs. The organization’s Czech Republic program, based in Prague, promises learning opportunities covering a wide range of disciplines, including: History, art and literature. Scholarships from AIFS include these recent examples:

  • AIFS International Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and financial need. The gifts are not huge, but the $500 awards are meted out to students who need the money most. Applicants are expected to compete for the awards, by submitting essays explaining their educational goals relating to the  Czech Republic.
  • AIFS also puts-forth a “bonus” scholarship. The Gilman Scholarship Bonus goes to those students who are Gilman Scholars and participating in the AIFS Czech Republic program. Each bonus is worth $500.

Rotary Funds

The Czech Republic is one of the countries approved for scholarship assistance through Rotary International. Not all international students qualify for these generous and popular awards. Ambassadorial Scholarships are designed to reward students who display top academic scores and exemplify what it means to be “good citizens.” Applicants are encouraged to engage in education that targets issues related to peace and humanitarian assistance. At the conclusion of each student’s program, he or she is required to make a presentation to a local Rotary audience, chronicling the time spent in the Czech Republic, and summarizing the educational impacts of the trip.


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