Bosnia and Herzegovina Education Scholarships

Time for a Change of Scenery?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in the Southeastern part of Europe. Throughout the 1990s there was mass turmoil, civil war, and genocide. Now that this traumatic period in their history is over, it has become a great place to study the effects of such drastic events. Their environment and society has been dramatically shaped into what it is today. Many of the people can recall stories of torture, mass graves, and other inhumane events that happened during this time.

Today, the region is free from such violence and hatred and is constantly working toward peace and unity as a nation. Many students and other scholars go to this area to study culture, politics, human rights and other social issues.

Government Scholarshipsbosnia scholarships

The David L. Boren Awards for International Study are a great way for both undergraduates and graduates to study abroad in places such as Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main objective of the scholarship program is to allow students from diverse backgrounds with limited financial capabilities the opportunity to study a lesser taught language in a study abroad program. This program encourages students to study in places that are largely under-represented in other study abroad programs- places outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The areas they recommend are all deemed critical to United States interest. This simply means that America is committed to growing economical development, preventing global disease and hunger, stopping environmental degradation, as well as facing a multitude of other global challenges in these specific areas. Bosnia and Herzegovina is an area where that this scholarship is devoted to.

This scholarship provides up to $20,000 for a full academic year. In exchange for this scholarship, students are required to work for the Federal Government in a position related to national security. There, the students will use all of the skills they learned while studying abroad to help the U.S.

Study Abroad Organizations

For students interested in peace and conflict studies, the “Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans” program provided the School for International Training (SIT) is for them. This program teaches students about history, political science and the ongoing peacekeeping efforts of this region. Students will meet with local human rights activists, academics, as well as other students and learn about the breakup of Yugoslavia during the 1990s. SIT offers a few scholarships:

  • The Compton Fund is for students involved in SIT programs focused on environmental, peace studies, or sustainable development.
  • The SIT Fund is awarded to those students who demonstrate a financial need. This scholarship strives to give everybody an equal opportunity to study abroad.
  • HBCU Scholarships are given to students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  • The Sally Bragg Baker Scholarship is an award for a female member who demonstrates international awareness and a longing to foster a more peaceful world through international exchange programs.
  • The SIT Pell Grant Match Award matches any Federal Pell Grant funding that a student may be receiving for all study abroad programs.

Private Funding

As a major proponent in international education, foreign academic exchange, and overseas language immersion,  American Councils for International Education strives to prepare both institutions and individuals to achieve greatness in a growing, complex, global economy. Founded in 1974, they have locations in North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, and are committed to engineering a world of globally aware citizens and thriving institutions. Title VIII Southeastern Europe Language Program Combined Research Language Training Program can provide up to 9 months of financial aid for research in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

IREX is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to giving the tools to individuals and institutions to build up a dynamic society. They help local communities strengthen their education programs, develop professional media and journalism, and increase camaraderie within communities. Their mission is to promote positive lasting change globally. They have special programs in Bosnia which focus on government corruption and human trafficking. A couple of fellowship funds specifically provide monies for those who wish to study in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Individual Advanced Research Opportunities program program gives scholars and professionals financial aid to conduct extensive field research in Eastern Europe and Eurasian countries. IARO fellowships give scholars the chance to dramatically shape the United States’ foreign policy. In addition to conducting research, participants will engage in community service by giving lectures, publishing articles in the local media, and engage in policy advocacy
  • Their Short-Term Travel Grants Program allows postdoctoral to engage in independent or collaborative research in the Balkans. This program is designed to give scholars time needed to conduct projects without significantly obstructing their teaching and work schedules.


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