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After World War II, Hungary fell under communist rule lasting until the late 1980’s. There were over 2,000 people executed and thousands imprisoned during this time. Hungarians worked tirelessly to overthrow this tyranny and create a democratic government.

Now that they are no longer a communist country, they have been working toward continuing economic and political change. Hungary is a prime location for students to study the difficulties and effects of transitioning from an oppressive rule to a democratic society. For those who need financial assistance, there are many funding opportunities available.

Study Abroad Organizations

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) is one of the premier organizations for foreign exchange. With offices in six countries they have many opportunities for students to travel and study abroad, including Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. Every year, about 5,000 students choose AIFS for study abroad programs. They offer a few scholarships and grants to those who need financial assistance, and provide over $600,000 each year. Their $1,000 Grants are offered to students who attend one of the 200 colleges who are affiliated with AIFS.hungary scholarships

  • AIFS International Scholarships- 40 of these scholarships are awarded yearly with a value of $1,000.
  • AIFS-HACU Scholarships- Hispanic students who have shown academic excellence at one of the HACU member schools are eligible to receive this $50,000 scholarship.
  • Diversity Abroad Achievement Scholarship- 10 semester scholarships are given to students from groups that are largely underrepresented in study abroad programs. This scholarship is for $1,000.

Be sure to check out their scholarship page for more scholarship opportunities.

Private Funding

The International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) is another world renowned group that strives to provide financial support for both scholars and professionals working in international and foreign policy fields. The main goal of IREX is to provide dramatic and lasting change in local neighborhoods all around the world.

The focus of IREX is on education for children, gender equality, strengthening societies, resolving conflict, and media development. The biggest funding they offer is through their travel fellowships. Their Short-Term Travel Grants in Eastern Europe and Eurasia are for those who want to conduct research abroad, but don’t want to be away from their job for a long period of time. Short-Term Grants allow them the opportunity to conduct their projects without hindering their work schedules. This program focuses on shaping U.S. foreign policy through research in regions that are of great importance to the United States. These scholarships are for $3,000.

The National Endowment for the Humanities is one of the biggest humanities funders in the United States. As an independent federal agency, it champions excellence in the study of humanities. They offer Research Program Fellowships- as well as many others- which supports scholars in their humanities research. Those awarded this fellowship usually go on to produce different articles, books, or other scholarly resources in the humanities. About 90 of these fellowships are awarded yearly, and the amount of funding varies.

The Rotary Foundation’s International division is dedicated to service in the community, workplace and all around the globe. There are over 1.2 million people in this organization that all put the needs of others before their own. As a service group they are always looking for others who share the same vision. They offer Global Grants which go to individuals whose activities will have a large, lasting impact in regions all around the globe. The Rotary Foundation is so passionate in making the world a better place that the minimum amount of financing for this grant is $30,000.

College Scholarships

The University of Minnesota has a GPS Alliance with universities in Eastern Europe, including Hungary, which is supported by the Alexander Dubek Fund.  Both students and faculty are eligible for different funding.

  • Institutional Linkages- Allows faculty and staff to travel to another university in Eastern Europe through a departmental linkage. It provides up to $3,000 for living and travel expenses
  • U of M Students- Undergraduates, graduates, and professionals can apply to engage in a study abroad program at one of the participating universities in Eastern Europe. Up to $2,000 in scholarships is available.

Michigan State University offers a special program for students interested in international business and relations, political science, political economy, and social relations. The Comparative Transitions to Parliamentary Democracy and a Market Economy Program focuses on different aspects of the changing relationship between Hungary’s political system and their economy. The program spotlights areas such as financial reform, social impacts, privatization of business, and political and economic institution building, while stressing the undergoing political change that has been occurring. They offer the Randall S. Smith/M. Richard Zinman Award for Study Abroad, which goes to students in the James Madison College at MSU who have shown academic excellence and are entered in a study abroad program.


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