Ireland Scholarship Opportunities

Study Abroad on the Emerald Isle

The Republic of Ireland has remade its economy in recent decades, joining the European Union and expanding its attraction to American companies like Google and Facebook, which came seeking skilled labor and a favorable regulatory environment. The government has undertaken austerity measures designed to combat the effects of a strained property market, succeeded in stabilizing its financial institutions, and even achieved modest economic growth in 2011.

For students planning to spend time in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin is one of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom, founded in 1592 under a charter from Elizabeth I. If you can make arrangements to study there, do so, because it is one of the top-ranked universities in the world. Another great institution to aim for is University College Dublin, which is known for welcoming students from all over the world as well as for its extensive research.

Scholarships From The Government Of IrelandIreland scholarships

The Irish government has established a scholarship program to support foreign students who come to Ireland for graduate studies (the “Government Of Ireland International Scholars”). Ireland’s Department of Education and Skills pays up to 12,750 euros in tuition and fees, plus an eight-month scholarship allowance of 590.12 euros each month.

The list of approved institutions includes both the above-mentioned universities, so those would be recommended choices.

Scholarships From Travel Abroad Organizations

Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University

The Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA), Butler University, offers several study-abroad programs in Ireland. In addition to being eligible for IFSA’s general scholarships, which range from $500 for a summer course to $2,500 for an entire year, there is one scholarship reserved for students traveling to Ireland. The Colleen Dodd Memorial Scholarship pays $3,500 for either a semester or a year of study.

The federal Fulbright program has assumed control of financial aid for one IFSA program, which is now the Fulbright Commission Queen’s University Belfast Summer Institute. If you are chosen, your will engage in Irish studies, all of your expenses except insurance will be paid, and your participation will not affect your eligibility for future Fulbright awards.

American Institute for Foreign Study

The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) provides scholarships that cover either a summer or a semester abroad, and most of its scholarships support diversity in the student body. These include the following awards for students with excellent academic records, both of which are worth as much as half of a study program’s cost:

  • The AIFS-HACU Scholarships, for students from schools belonging to the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.
  • The AIFS-NAFEO Scholarships, for students who attend the predominantly black schools that belong to the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education.

Mitchell Scholars Program

The Mitchell Scholars Program, which is sponsored by the nonprofit US-Ireland Alliance, pays tuition, room and board, and living and travel allowances covering one year of postgraduate study at an Irish university. You must present not only a strong academic history but a record of leadership and community service.

Scholarships From Colleges

Michigan State University

Michigan State University’s Office of Study Abroad (OSA) currently lists 136 courses of study in Ireland, including seminars, summer schools, and programs that last for a semester or academic year. OSA scholarships are distributed based on your academic record and financial need, and when you apply for a scholarship you must also apply to the specific program of study for which you need funding.

Here are several examples of OSA scholarships:

  • The Charles and Marjorie Gliozzo Merit Scholarship and the Office of Study Abroad Academic Excellence Awards are awarded to students with excellent scholastic records. To apply, you must have a GPA of 3.5 and submit a compelling essay stating how foreign study will benefit you.
  • The MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) Scholarships, Forest Akers Scholarship, and MSU Alumni Association Scholarship are all handed out based on need as well as merit.

Amounts range from $250 for spring break and freshman seminar travel to $2,000 for the MSUFCU full-year scholarships.

Mesa Community College

The International Education Office at Mesa Community College provides scholarships to support its study abroad participants planning to travel to Athlone. There are two applications, one for the need-based awards and the other a combined form for the merit-based awards plus the Maricopa Grant Study Abroad Scholarship.

You may qualify for more than one scholarship, but the maximum total dollar amount given to one student is $1,000.

University of Florida

The University of Florida (UF)’s International Center has a reciprocal agreement with the Dublin Institute of Technology as well as two other study-abroad programs in Ireland. Here are a few ways to obtain financial assistance from UF’s page of scholarship information:

  • The Daniel Sinclair Bredahl Scholarships are given based on your commitment to studying abroad, the congruence of the chosen course and your academic goals, and your financial need. The Bredahl brings $2,000 for a semester and $4,000 for an academic year.
  • The UF International Center Scholarships are reserved for students in UF-sponsored study-abroad programs. They pay $1,000 a semester and $2,000 a year.
  • The Irene Phillips Alliance Scholarships are for Alliance Scholars, and come in varying amounts.

NOTE: If your country of choice is under an official travel warning, that may affect any applications you submit. Please check application requirements carefully.


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