Mongolian Scholarship Programs

Studies Emphasize Language and Culture

Students who choose to study in Mongolia are opting for non-traditional to the highest possible degree. There are no major universities, emerging economies, or big businesses in this land, but it is rich in heritage. Mongolians still live like the nomads before them, in both mountains and deserts. Mongolia rests between China and Russia and study abroad programs focus on a range of areas from biodiversity to diplomatic relations.

Mongolian scholarships

Government Sponsorship of Mongolia Studies

Students who have never had the chance to even think about an international study program because a lack of funds are now able to. The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships make it possible for anybody- especially those with limited finances- the opportunity to travel to foreign countries and participate in study abroad programs. Those who are already receiving Federal Pell Grants are eligible for these awards. It focuses on sending students to destinations that are non-traditional of most study abroad programs, while giving this opportunity to those who have past been left out. There are more than 2,300 of these scholarships given out each year. The average scholarship is for $4,000, while the maximum amount is $5,000. Those who receive this scholarship are then eligible for a Critical Need Language Supplement for an extra $3,000; this makes it possible to awarded $8,000 in study abroad scholarships!.

The David L. Boren Scholarships sends both undergraduates and graduate students to many different study abroad locations considered critical to U.S. interests. These locations are also under-represented on most other study abroad programs. The goal of this program is to put students in key areas of the world so that they can learn all there is about that particular culture, its people, and its languages. For those wanting to learn about Mongolia, this is the perfect scholarship. The knowledge gathered while studying abroad is then put into practice after graduation. In repayment for this scholarship, it is required that you hold a position in the Federal Government dealing with national security, while utilizing the skills you acquire while studying abroad. The amount of this scholarship is $8,000 for a summer semester, $10,000 for a regular semester, and $20,000 for a full academic year!

Study Abroad Organizations

The School for International Training (SIT) provides study abroad programs directed at diplomatic engagement and relations with China and surrounding regions, foreign direct investment, political reform and specifically cultural shifts among Mongolia’s pastoral populations. The offer the following scholarships to students participating in their Mongolia Culture and Development program:

  • The SIT Fund is specifically designed for students who have financial need and are studying abroad in any country, including Mongolia
  • Because the SIT Mongolia program is considered a “sustainable development” offering, are allowed to apply for the Compton Fund.
  • HBCU Fund awards scholarships to students enrolled in Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  • The SIT Pell Grant Match Award, like it sounds, matches Federal Pell Grant funding for a study abroad program

Private Funds

The Freeman Awards for Study in Asia awards are specifically designed for students studying abroad in Asia including Mongolia. It provides scholarships on a needs basis to assist with the cost of the study abroad program and expenses related to traveling- airfare, living costs, transportation, and books. This program awards up to $7,000 for a full academic year.

Target of Opportunity Fellowships funded by the Institute of Current World Affairs offers adult professionals a unique scholarships opportunity to pursue a customized course of study or research in Mongolia. It is dedicated to fostering the understanding of world cultures, religions, peoples, and issues key to the global environment. They also encourage sharing this knowledge with every society, home and abroad. A Fellow of this program is out of the country for 2 years, and designs and conducts independent study. To be a part of this program, you must be proficient in the language of the area in which you are visiting and under 36 years old. This program provides funding for the Fellow to carry out their research.


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