Scholarships for Nepal

Going to Kathmandu

Located near the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal is beautiful country with a vibrant history and culture  There are an increasing number of students who are choosing to study abroad in Nepal. This could be attributed to the fact that students are looking for some place out of the ordinary. Also, many organizations, including the United States Government, want students to study in places which get overlooked by most other students. They even give special scholarship attention to students wishing to participate in these programs. In Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, there are opportunities to learn subjects from language, politics, religion, and the environment.nepal scholarships

Study in Nepal on the Federal Government’s Dime

As mentioned before, the government is willing to pay for you to study abroad. The Boren Awards for International Study program offers undergraduate students funding to study in countries which are largely underrepresented by other study abroad programs. They actually go so far as too exclude countries in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Students who are interested in applying for this award should be looking at learning a language which isn’t as commonly taught- Czech, Hindi, Swahili, and Turkish for instance.

The amount offered is up to $20,000 for a full academic year! In exchange for this large sum of money, students will be required to work for the Federal Government in a position focused on national security. This service is required for only one year after graduation. You will use the skills and languages you learned while studying abroad while working for the government.

Another great opportunity for those looking to study abroad is the Benjamin L. Gilman International Scholarship. This program offers funding for students who want to study abroad but lack the financial means to do so. The goal of this scholarship is to support students who don’t normally get the chance to study abroad. Such students include those with financial need, community college students, and students with disabilities. There are over 2,300 of these scholarships given each year. The average amount of the award is $4,000 with the maximum amount being $5,000.

The Fulbright Scholar Program is the premier international educational exchange. This program aims to facilitate cultural exchange in the field, classroom, and home, allowing students to interact and gain a better understanding of other peoples’ cultures and beliefs. Its student program gives grants to students for individual study and research projects or English Teaching Assistantships. While abroad, students will live in a host home working and learning about the people of the host country. The Fulbright program does not discriminate based on race, religion, sex, or disability so every student should apply. This award provides round-trip transportation to the host country, funding for room and board, and accident and sickness health benefits.

Study Abroad Organizations

The School for International Training trains students to become great leaders, professionals, and citizens among many cultures. They have organizations and individuals all over the world creating an international network to get involved with. Every year they give out $750,000 in scholarships and grants to SIT Study Abroad students. The amounts vary from $500- $5,000 for individuals. Here are a few examples of scholarships they offer:

  • The Workum Fund- This scholarship gives students funding to study in programs in the Indian subcontinent, which includes Nepal.
  • SIT Fund- This award is given to students who show financial need and are enrolled in any SIT Study Abroad program.
  • Compton Fund- Scholarships go to students engaged in “sustainable development” programs.
  • SIT Pell Grant Match Award- They will match Federal Pell Grant funding for their study abroad programs.
  • HBCU Fund- It is specially designed for students enrolled in a Historically Black College participating in a SIT program.

College Scholarships

The University of Virginia offers the International Dissertation Research Fellowship. This program helps outstanding graduate students in humanities and social sciences to conduct research on their dissertation topic outside of the United States. These fellowships are to support nine to twelve month the student’s dissertation research. The awarded amount is around $20,000.

Private Funds

The Ambassadorial Scholarships offered by the  Rotary Foundation. It aims to create closer ties between countries and foster a greater international understanding of cultures. These awards are given to undergraduate and graduate students to serve as ambassadors to other nations and share about their own cultures while learning about the cultures of their host country. Since its inception in 1947, over $532 million is scholarships to students.

Scholarships for Nepalese Students

The Nepal Scholarship Program at Fairmont State University in West Virginia is offered to Nepalese students wishing to study in America. The average awarded amount is $5,000.


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