Scholarships for Yemen

Roots of Civilization and Persian Trade, but Few Signs of Mideast Wealth

Yemen has long existed at the crossroads of cultures. It linked some of the oldest centres of civilization in the Near East by virtue of its location in South Arabia. They transported precious metals and exotic spices. It is a culturally rich country with influence from many civilizations, such as the early civilization of Sheba.  It is the only state in the Arabian Peninsula to have a purely republican form of government, and Yemen was the first country in the Arabian peninsula to grant women the right to vote.

However, Yemen is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the Arab World, with a young population and increasing population growth. Yemen’s economy is weak compared to most countries in the Middle-East, mainly because Yemen has very small oil reserves.  For these reasons students will find almost no other scholarship programs besides those funded by various branches of the federal government.

Language and culture studies remain one of the leading attractions to Yemen. In comparison to its close neighbor, Saudi Arabia, there is no internationally renowned business center, no brand-new metropolitan skyscrapers or high-tech industry to draw the international elite.

Federal Funding: Strongest Supporter of Yemen Studies

The Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs has designed and funded two very generous programs that are applicable, either directly or indirectly, to students wishing to study in Yemen:yemen scholarships