Lithuanian Scholarships

European Union Member, Economically Advanced

Compared to other Baltic States, Lithuania is economically and politically advanced. Located in Eastern Europe, between Latvia and Russia on the Baltic Sea coast, Lithuania was for a long time a republic of the Soviet Union but was the first to declare its independence in 1990. It is now part of the European Union.

The capital city of Vilnius is more cosmopolitan and globally connected than its name may imply. Students are typically based in Vilnius, where business majors may experience the new upstarts of Eastern European markets and language students may become immersed in the official language, Lithuanian, while comfortably surrounded by English-speaking professionals and students.

Lithuania scholarships

Government Scholarships

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships are provided by the federal government and awarded to academically successful, disadvantaged students who would not be able to study abroad in places like Lithuania the monetary support. The purpose is to diversify the next generation of global movers and shakers by putting engaging international experiences at the fingertips of traditionally disenfranchised populations. Recipients must be Pell Grant recipients and top scholars wanting to study in non-traditional countries, especially those outside of Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand — so Lithuania fits the bill. The award maximum is $5,000, unless you study a critical language.

Private Funds

Do you have a need to travel to Lithuania for research purposes? If so, you might be eligible for the IREX travel fellowships. The awards are provided by the  International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX). They are not designed for a long-term research stint, but a shorter trip only requiring minimal amounts of time in an Eastern European country. IREX promotes the work of students, scholars and professionals whose research and projects are focused on civil society, education and media development, including Lithuania. Here, IREX offers two opportunities:

College Scholarships

The University of Pittsburgh administers a scholarship through its Lithuania Nationality Room to students pursuing a study abroad program in Lithuania. The Lithuanian Room Committee Scholarship awards $4,000 to a deserving undergraduate who desires to study in Lithuania or another country of their choice.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City makes many scholarships available to students pursuing study abroad programs. Their format is flexible and permits students to apply for awards regardless of program length. Students planning to study in Lithuania may qualify for any number of scholarships, among them:

Lithuanian Government Scholarships

Through Vilnius University, international students outside of the European Union may apply directly for grants that cover one semester tuition fee. Students, lecturers and researchers from foreign higher education and research institutions may also apply for state-funded scholarships for Vilnius University or other institutions.