Hong Kong Scholarships

China, but SO not China

Hong Kong is a unique city, born of ancient Chinese heritage and 150 years of Western influence. While Hong Kong is part of China, it is separate from Chinese rule based on internationally recognized agreements, proudly standing on its own democratic two feet. (It is s a “Special Administrative Region” of China and is subject only to China’s foreign and defense policies.) As a result, Hong Kong stands out from the Chinese landscape and revels in its singularity. Because the region was a British colony until 1997, it has firm footing in business and industry. For this reason, Hong Kong is a gateway for studying both ancient and modern Asian culture, as well as international marketing, global economies and a host of other disciplines. The principle language is Cantonese, though English is commonly spoken due to British influence.

hong kong scholarships for college

Federal Scholarships

Hong Kong is a region of interest in these federally funded scholarship programs:

College Scholarships

Students studying in a technical discipline at Purdue University and who are interested in a term of study in Hong Kong may apply for tuition remission and study abroad scholarships to attend the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Scholarships to study at this Hong Kong institution located in an affluent residential district in Hung Hom, Kowloon.

Syracuse University offers an academic program, hosted by City University of Hong Kong, that focuses on economics, political science, history, business and the Mandarin language. It also provides a range of study abroad scholarships based on academic excellence and financial need, including:

Private Funds

The Freeman-ASIA Scholarships are privately funded and have become one of the better-known awards for students heading off to destinations to undertake Asian Studies. If you’re planning to study in Hong Kong, don’t ignore this fund. Primarily awarded to financially needy students, it also takes into account your academic standing. You can apply for a summer, semester or year program and earn up to $7,000 depending on length of study. It includes the cost of the study abroad program and related expenses, including airfare, basic living costs, local transportation, and books.

Study Abroad Organizations

Every two years, the Institute of Current World Affairs offers two-year fellowships for self-designed, independent study abroad, but they explicitly are not awarded to support work toward academic degrees, writing a book, or for research projects. Candidates may seek fellowships in any country. Qualified candidates must be freethinkers and highly motivated. They must be fluent in the language of their destination, and have a good command of the English language for writing monthly newsletters. The ideal project is one in which there exists a great potential to impact society. The ICWA also offers other fellowships with specialty concentrations. These fellowships provide full financial support for its fellows and their immediate families.