Scholarships for Germany

So Many Subjects to Study

Late September through early October is known to Germans as one thing: Oktoberfest! This three-week long celebration is only one of things that makes Germany so unique. Its historical architecture, art, people, and diverse culture make it a haven for study abroad programs. The major cities of Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt with a mix of this rich, old heritage and modern-day tourism attract students from all over the globe. Any course can be studied here, including international business, political studies, language and literature, hospitality and tourism. Check out some of these programs that will provide you with the funds you need to experience Deutschland.

Private Fundinggermany scholarships

The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)/ German Academic Exchange Services provides students with the opportunity to study internationally in Germany. Since its inception in 1925, DAAD has been working to promote cultural understanding and international exchange. Each year they provide financial assistance to over 67,000 students and scholars. Only the top-students are recruited for their programs. They offer multiple fellowships and scholarships to students who academically-prove they deserve them.

Cultural Vistas is focused on connecting the globe through international exchange by enriching minds, advancing global skills, and building careers. They provide both American and international students the opportunity to study abroad. Cultural Vistas offers programs all over the globe. Here are a few programs for students who are interested in going to Germany:

American Graduates are eligible for the German Chancellor Fellowship Program through the Humboldt Foundation. Students that show true leadership skills in their fields such as politics or public policy, law, media, business, arts, and the non-government sector are the only ones qualified for Chancellor Fellowship Program. While in Germany, Fellows will work at their host institutions on independent projects. The topic of their research should be focused on a topic or issue within their field of interest. Only 10 students from America are selected for this award annually. Accepted applicants receive EUR 550 per month for as long as they stay in Germany and will cover the cost of traveling expenses.

College Scholarships

Schiller International is a very unique university. With campuses in America, Germany, Spain and France, students get the chance to earn a college degree in another country. Do you want to study in Germany, but don’t know how to speak German? No problem. Schiller’s courses are taught in English making studying in another country effortless (except for the studying, of course). They even offer specific programs where you study at different universities while earning the same, one degree. They offer the European Scholarship Program where 15% is taken off of tuition each year. Students must maintain a 2.25 GPA in order to be eligible.

Rutgers University has a Landscape Architecture program where students can study abroad in Germany. During their stay, students study many different environmental solutions and their relation to the planning and design challenges faced here in America:

The Division of Germanic Studies at the University of Kentucky has a special program where students can study in Heidelberg, Bielefeld or Ludwigsburg Germany. To support this, UK offers the Heidelberg Scholarship. These highly competitive scholarships are awarded each year. Only two of these awards are handed out. While in Germany, students will receive approximately 500 EUR/month to conduct undergraduate study.