Scholarships for Croatia

Not to Mention Cuisine and Climate

Just a stone’s throw across the Adriatic Sea from Italy — with an unforgettable strand of islands in between — Croatia is an often-overlooked Mediterranean gem. Since finalizing its independence from Yugoslavia, Croatia has blossomed in attitude, diversity, and style. It’s become a hot destination for outdoor adventure, cuisine and culture — all bathed in an ideal climate.

Once upon a time, Croatia was a part of the Roman Empire, a reason it’s such a great location for archaeologists, art consultants, historians and writers. There are ruins of ancient civilizations scattered everywhere, and part of its educational allure is that this Balkan state has an Eastern European alter ego.Cratia scholarships

Federal Scholarships

Private Funds

The Mediterranean region continues to be one of the most outstanding regions for archaeologists. Croatia’s history is ancient and vast. The Archaeological Institute of America provides competitive scholarships that are open to students from all backgrounds. Minority and disadvantaged students are encouraged to apply:

The International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), a world-renowned organization whose mission is to support the integration of free communication and sustainable development, offers Short-Term Travel Grants to Croatia. Eligible applicants must be graduate or post-graduate students who can propose a short-term research stint that makes a direct impact on the formation of U.S. foreign policy.

The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) is a world leader in supporting scholars in humanities and related social sciences at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels. The ACLS funds several research, dissertation, language and digital innovation programs. For instance, the Dissertation Fellowships in East European Studies, $18,000, funds fieldwork or archival research in Croatia for a full year.

College Scholarships

The Croatia Maymester Study Abroad Program offered at the University of Georgia explores the past and present of Croatia. The program invites undergraduate and graduate students from various disciplines to examine its society and culture in transition, taking an intimate tour of its cultural and ethnic flavors that combine to create a unique fusion. Students taking part in the Croatia program may qualify for awards based on academic merit and financial need. A generous scholarship to the university enabled the cost of the entire program to be one of the school’s most inexpensive travel abroad program.