Scholarships for Study in Canada

Accomodating Canadian College Life

Canada offers a unique opportunity for U.S. citizens wishing to study abroad. Since the United States and Canada share a border, travel between the two countries is relatively easy and students will have no trouble returning to the states to visit family during breaks. While parts of Canada are predominantly bilingual, the majority of its citizens speak English, eliminating any language barrier for Americans attending a Canadian university. American students studying in Canada will find much that is familiar, as the two countries share similar heritages. But like any melting pot, Canada has a flavor all its own. It is a nation as culturally diverse as our own, but with different European and Native influences.

Canada is home to some of the most highly regarded universities in the world, and American students will find many opportunities to expand their knowledge while broadening their cultural horizons. Studying abroad in any country can be expensive, and Canada is no different. Fortunately, there are scholarship and fellowship opportunities for exceptional American college students interested in continuing their studies in the Great White North.

Study Permits for CanadaCanada scholarships

American students interested in continuing their studies in Canada may need to apply for a study permit. Study permits are necessary for most international students attending a Canadian college or university. To obtain a study permit, students must be able to show proof of acceptance to a Canadian school, and demonstrate that they have the financial resources to pay for tuition, living expenses, and transportation to and from their country of origin. Students will also have to show proof that they are in good health, and do not present a security risk. Students with criminal records will not be issued a study permit.

Scholarships and Fellowships for Studying in Canada

Scholarships and fellowships for American students wishing to study in Canada are limited, and the competition for these awards is fierce. Consequently, scholarships and fellowships will only be available to students with exceptional academic histories. While some programs are available for general study, many are subject-specific and will only be available to students pursuing distinct fields of study. Any research fellowships will be reserved for post-graduate and doctoral students whose research proposals coincide with work being done at a Canadian college or university.

The following is a selection of scholarships and fellowships available to American students interested in continuing their college education in Canada.

Canada is a beautiful country that offers a diverse multicultural experience for American students studying abroad. From French-Canadian Quebec and the vibrant metropolis of Ontario to the frozen north and the rural outback, Canada is ready to welcome students from around the globe. American students eager to study in the Great White North will find that scholarships and fellowships may be the ticket they need to make their educational dreams come true.