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Since gaining its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Belarus has suffered separation anxiety. It apparently liked being told what to do by an authoritarian overseer, and is on course for a political reunion with Russia. Old habits die hard, and while close neighbors, such as Lithuania, Poland and Latvia, have earned accolades for their fresh-faced policies and economic democratization, Belarus is criticized for its persistent Soviet-like ways.  This Communist Bloc attitude may turn some students away, but perhaps it is an ironic characteristic that beckons others to study in the country. Both Russian and Belarusian are the official languages. The capital city of Minsk is not huge by American standards: It is home to about two million.Belarus scholarships

Government Scholarships

Private Funding

The American Councils for International Education is a global organization funded by any number of agencies acting on the Title VIII program that mandates funding for scholars and advanced students who are pursuing relevant projects and programs in Eastern Europe/Eurasia. The organization designs programs and provides technical assistance in education for governments and development agencies throughout Eurasia and the United States. There are various scholarships for students interested in studying abroad and the group has a special focus on Russian and the languages of former Russian republics. The focus can change based on relevant language criteria, and independent programs of study can be arranged in certain countries, including Belarus, so check with the current areas of focus.

The International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) is an international organization focused on civil society, education and media development. It supports the ongoing work of scholars in many regions of the world, including Eastern Europe. Fellowship priorities change according to the political landscape. There is one fellowship that is currently open to eligible applicants wishing to conduct research in Belarus: