Northrop Grumman Corporate College Scholarships

Engineering Majors Continue to Draw Large Scholarship Dollars

Over the last decade all sorts of scholarships have sprung up as incentive to students considering a college major in engineering, technology or a closely related degree. The field of engineering, as it stands in the U.S., has been unable to consistently regenerate highly trained personnel all on its own. By contrast, the demand for highly intuitive engineers in our ever growing, technology based world is growing faster than ever.

This problem is being taken on by companies in the engineering field. Businesses such as Northrop Grumann address this problem directly by offering generous opportunities to promising students, thereby counteracting the lackluster pursuit of engineering and technology degrees.

Northrop Grumman scholarships

Focus on Attracting Engineers

A company like Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems doesn’t make it onto the Fortune 500 list without the ability to draw talent. The Northrop Grumman Engineering Scholars Program awards over 40-$10,000 scholarships annually. The funds are spread over four years, supplying $2,500 per year to each student’s education.

Candidates are future engineering and technology majors from regions where “Electronic Systems is a major presence.” This includes awards for each of the 23 counties in Maryland (plus one in Baltimore), as well as two scholarships per state awarded to students from select counties in Illinois, Connecticut, California, Florida, or Virginia. Applicants must be graduating high school seniors already accepted into an engineering program at an accredited four-year U.S. college or university. A composite SAT score of 1700, or an ACT score of 27, and a minimum accumulative 3.5 GPA are required. To continue the scholarship, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in all college courses. Funds may be used for auxiliary educational expenses in addition to tuition.

Competitive scholarships such as this are a good way to create a new generation of highly trained employees. Northrop Grumman is one of the headiest innovators in the field of large-scale electronic systems. The company’s expertise is employed on projects for the government, military and other exclusive clientele the world over. The menu of systems and services includes combat avionics, defensive, navigation and space systems, nuclear power instrumentation and control solutions, nanotechnology and other cutting edge research -  even postal systems and private commercial endeavours. The overwhelming characteristic of all these products is their need for ultra-specialized personnel to put them together; the reason Northrop invests money in its communities’ human resources.

Internships Inspire Teachers

The TEAACH (Teachers and Engineers for Academic Achievement) Program  accepts a number of Maryland middle school teachers to participate in Northrop Grumman paid internships. These four-day programs are created to endow teachers with the know-how, motivation and skills to effectively teach youngsters in science, math and technology courses. The ultimate goal is to engage yet successive generations of engineers and technical specialists through inspired teaching. A $500 stipend is awarded to each teacher-intern.

Northrop Grumann offers other mentoring, community and educational programs with the hope of increasing the number of students interested in base STEM classes, and pursuing careers in technology and engineering. It is their hope that all of these programs can help turn around the current problem our country faces with a declining number of future engineers.


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