JP Morgan Chase Scholarships

History Plays its Part

JP Morgan has been a leader in financial services for more than 200 years. With offices and clients in over 100 countries around the world, JP Morgan remains one of the most successful wealth management organizations in history. They are a leader in investment banking, investment management, securities services, and private and commercial banking.

JP Morgan scholarshipsIn 2000, as the world moved towards a new millennium, JP Morgan merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation to create one of the world’s most influential and powerful banking and financial institutions. Today, JP Morgan represents the international finance community, including large corporate clients and institutions, while Chase Manhattan represents the commercial and individual banking sector. JP Morgan’s long history of wealth management, combined with Chase Manhattan’s modern approach to customer service, continues to set the bar for financial institutions around the globe.

Corporate Philosophy

JP Morgan Chase remains one of the worlds most successful wealth management services. Their reputation has been built on an unwavering commitment to their clients, employees and shareholders. But JP Morgan Chase’s corporate philosophy extends well beyond the boardroom. Over the years, JP Morgan Chase has made generous donations to the arts, to the environment, and to sustainable development for underdeveloped countries. They have taken an impressive public, and corporate, stand on diversity in the workplace and in the institutions of higher education. To this end, JP Morgan funds a variety of scholarship programs designed to benefit minorities and low income students who may not otherwise be able to reach their full potential. These educational initiatives are one of the hallmarks of JP Morgan Chase’s dedication to public works.

JP Morgan Chase Scholarship Programs

JP Morgan Chase currently funds a variety of scholarship programs for exceptional students. Some are designed to target specific student types, such as women and minorities, while others target students attending specific universities. These scholarships are made available through the generous endowments of JP Morgan Chase, and are part of their ongoing initiatives to give back to the communities in which they operate.

The following scholarship programs are funded in full, or in part, by JP Morgan Chase.

  • The Thomas G Labrecque Smart Start Scholarship Program – Every year 10 full tuition scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors within New York City who are enrolled, or preparing to enroll, in a participating college or university within the five boroughs of the city. Eligibility is determined by academic achievement, extracurricular activities, leadership qualities and financial need. The award includes full tuition, a stipend for textbooks and materials, and a paid internship with JP Morgan Chase.
  • The Louisiana Smart Start Scholarship Program – Initiated in 2005, this scholarship is designed to benefit outstanding African-American students who reside in Louisiana, and will be attending a participating college or university within the state. To be eligible, applicants must be a graduating senior from a Louisiana high school, must be enrolled full time at a four year college or university, must have a minimum B average, and must have a minimum ACT score of 21. Final awards are determined by a combination of academic achievement and financial need. Recipients of the Louisiana Smart Start scholarship will receive full paid tuition, and a yearly stipend for books and supplies.
  • The Clark V. Whited/JP Morgan Chase Scholarship – This scholarship is only available to students attending the College at Brockport/State University of New York. The award is open to all students, regardless of major, who demonstrate outstanding academic excellence and service to the college. Award amounts vary.
  • The Tarrant County College Foundation JP Morgan Chase Endowed Scholarship – This program is open to students enrolled in Tarrant County College in Texas. Eligible applicants must be pursuing an associate’s degree or a certificate of completion, and must be enrolled for a minimum of 9 credit hours per award period. Awards amounts vary, and are determined by a combination of academic achievement and financial need.

JP Morgan Launching Leaders Program

The JP Morgan Launching Leaders Program is part of JP Morgan Chase’s commitment to diversity in the workplace, and particularly within the banking sector itself. The Launching Leaders Program is designed to give African-American, Hispanic-American and Native-American students the opportunity to fulfill their career ambitions with one of the world’s leading financial services firms. The program provides scholarship opportunities for sophomores, juniors, and first year MBA students who are pursuing a career in global finance.

  • The Launching Leaders Undergraduate Scholarship – This scholarship is open to sophomores and juniors who are pursuing degrees and careers in global finance. Qualifying applicants are eligible to receive $15,000 in scholarship funds, plus a position in JP Morgan’s Summer Analyst Internship Program.
  • The Launching Leaders MBA Scholarship – This program is open to first year MBA students who are interested in pursuing a career with JP Morgan Chase. Qualifying applicants receive a position in JP Morgan’s Summer Associate Internship Program, and a monetary award based on their total cost of tuition.

JP Morgan Chase’s commitment to education is easily reflected in the scholarship programs that they so generously fund. These programs have helped hundreds of students to achieve their educational and career goals. Moreover, the JP Morgan Launching Leaders Program has helped to empower minority students to pursue lucrative careers in global finance.


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