Time Warner College Scholarships

Commitment to Community Action

Time Warner Cable, formerly known as Warner Cable Communications, is an American telecommunications company providing cable, telephone, and internet services to customers in 29 states across the county. TWC is the second largest cable company in the United States, serving more than 15 million customers. Since their humble beginnings in 1968 as American Television and Communications, Time Warner has seen many changes in an industry they helped define.

Over the years TWC has merged with, or acquired, a number of competing telecommunications companies until it became a recognized leader in within the industry. Time Warner Cable has established itself by offering top of the line services for its customers, all while staying at the forefront of innovations.time warner scholarships

Time Warner Cable was the first to launch number of services that have become commonplace in homes across the country, including RoadRunner (the first high speed cable internet service), digital cable, and video on demand. Today Time Warner Cable remains one of the most respected providers of video, high speed data and voice services in the United States.

Corporate Responsibility Practices

Time Warner Cable understands that the health of their company is inextricably linked to the well-being of the people and communities it serves. TWC has put into place a number of corporate initiatives designed to benefit their customers and the country as a whole. They are actively involved in environmental issues, implementing energy efficient designs into their buildings and upgrading company vehicles for greater fuel efficiency with the goal of reducing the company’s carbon footprint by 15% before 2014. TWC is also committed to promoting cultural and ethnic diversity, both within the company and the communities in which they operate. To that end Time Warner Cable actively participates in, and financially supports, programs dedicated to encouraging diversity in the workforce and the country in general. Time Warner Cable’s philanthropic initiatives also address the educational needs of the country by working to create student interest in the all important fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Through their Connect A Million Minds initiative, TWC works with educators to promote education at all levels of the American school system. Part of that initiative is a substantial financial donation that supports a variety of scholarships for talented students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue a college education.

TWC and Education: Regional and National Awards

Time Warner Cable has made a commitment to promoting education in the United States, particularly in the critical STEM disciplines. America, once a world leader in technical innovation, has fallen behind her global competitors. In an effort to restore the balance, and to encourage more students to pursue a college education, Time Warner Cable has developed a number of scholarship opportunities for students around the country. The scholarship programs provide much needed financial assistance to students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Time Warner Scholarships are a mix of regional and national awards, some of which are school specific.

UPDATE: on June 11, 2014 Time Warner Cable Community Investment Manager Christine Mackin emailed stating that they following scholarships are no longer available.

The following programs are typical examples of Time Warner Cable’s Scholarship initiative:

For further information on Time Warner Cable Scholarship, students should contact their local Time Warner office, or visit the Time Warner Cable website. Students with a passion for mathematics and science may find that Time Warner Cable is there to deliver the scholarship money they need to help pay for their college education.