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Exercise Science and Fitness Scholarships

Exercise Science is a popular undergraduate major, which leads to employment in the field, or prepares students for professional studies related to the degree.  Bachelor’s degree holders continue into movement specialties, like physical and occupational therapy, or study exercise and sports science at the graduate level.

Pursuing college credentials, at any level, taxes student budgets, so most exercise science majors seek financial aid.  Individual campus programs support degree candidates with school-specific assistance aimed at exercise science.  Organizations committed to fitness and personal wellness also stand behind exercise education, providing scholarships and other incentives for would-be professionals in the field.

Good grades, extracurricular participation, athleticism and a host of other individual characteristics are evaluated by scholarship administrators, to match available aid with promising exercise science students.  Use your own stand-out features to land scholarships for exercise education.  The following examples are provided to help get you started.exercise scholarships

Exercise Science Careers

Earning a degree in health and exercise science opens doors to a number of distinct careers.  Degree holders work as physical fitness and wellness educators for clinical, corporate, community, and commercial entities. Some graduates work as consultants within the health and wellness industry, or as trainers for professional athletes.

Medical specialists are often trained in health science and physical fitness/wellness. For example, many physical therapists have degrees in exercise science, as well as other professionals who focus on human movement. Coaches have exercise science training, and students who earn doctoral degrees often teach related curricula at colleges and universities.

Colleges and Universities Support Health and Exercise Science Education:

Ithaca College offers several named scholarships, honoring benefactors and past graduates.  The Plus One Scholarship, for juniors and seniors, provides educational funding for students enrolled in the Department of Exercise and Sports Science.  Qualified applicants are majoring in athletic training, clinical exercise science or exercise science.  Candidates must submit applications with a 3.0 cumulative GPA attached, and must also be recommended by the Department Chair.  In addition, submitted resumes should include letters stating each applicant’s career goals and educational ambitions.

Ithaca’s Brian Truhn ’69 Scholarship applies to candidates embarking on coaching careers.  Students enrolled in the Department, and specializing in health promotion, physical fitness, leisure studies, sports management or recreation are eligible to apply

At Colorado State University (CSU), the College of Applied Human Sciences has been renamed the College of Health and Human Sciences. The school’s scholarship endowment fund provides substantial assistance for worthy degree candidates.  Scholarships each carry unique eligibility requirements, sometimes requested by funding donors.  Academic major, financial need, faculty recommendations, extracurricular participation and scholastic performance are common metrics used to evaluate applicants.

University of Texas, at Austin, maintains several degree options related to health and sports science.  The College of Education Exercise Science Program prepares students for advanced studies related to the field, including allied health specialties.  Campus-specific assistance is offered in support of the program.  Consult the office of financial services for specific scholarship eligibility requirements.

Private Organizations/Associations:

Private organizations and associations reward committed students with educational assistance aimed at deserving exercise science majors.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) offers annual scholarships, to one winner at each of three campuses:  Penn State, Manhattan College, and Duke University. The annual awards are valued at $1000 each, and go to deserving exercise science degree candidates.

The Texas Ranger Association Foundation provides scholarships for dependent children of active Rangers.  The scholarships are not earmarked for particular academic majors, so diverse candidates are encouraged to apply.

For minority exercise science students, there are scholarships available through non-profits and professional organizations committed to diversity, like those put-forth by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Private medical centers and other health-related companies also offer scholarships for exercise science students. For example, Ohio’s Upper Valley Medical Center, which regularly awards scholarships for academic pursuits related to health and wellness.


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