Religious Scholarships

Diversity and Deep Belief Drive College Funding

Many individuals align themselves with a particular religious denomination, so major, organized religions are powerful societal forces.  Religious education draws support from Christian groups, and organizations devoted to particular religious doctrines. Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are only a few of the belief-systems earning attention from scholarship benefactors. Use your own faith as a stepping stone to college financial aid targeting the next generation of church leaders, politicians, activists, academics, writers and artists.

Preacher, Minister, Rabbinical Scholarships

religious scholarshipsReligious organizations are committed to education, development and recruitment of the next generation of place-holders for their leadership hierarchies. Most faiths offer some sort of scholarship in support of worthy religion education candidates.  Seminary scholarships, Judaism education initiatives and Pentecostals programs foster church leaders with charismatic leadership potential and academic merit.

General Theological Scholarships

Denominational colleges and universities often provide theological scholarships for  religion majors, some targeting specific students pursuing ministry. Secular colleges and universities with strong religion and theological departments also offer merit-based incentives for academically talented applicants studying religion.

Religion of Non-Religion

Baylor University Department of Religion manages several scholarships annually, designated for stand-out religion students attending the College of Arts and Sciences program.  Recent offerings include these endowed, and denomination-specific initiatives:

Ministry Scholarship – Through a cooperative effort with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Baylor puts forth financial assistance for students pursuing credentials that are preparatory for Baptist ministry.  The scholarships are earmarked for high-achievers, committed to Baptist ideals, and provide funding covering 20% of each participant’s undergraduate religious studies tuition.

Hubler Endowed Scholarship – Hubler Family Trust funds this exclusive scholarship incentive, reserved for religion majors at Baylor.  The competitive awards recognize exemplary academic performance and leadership potential.  The scholarships are awarded without preference for any single denomination, and provide financial assistance valued at $5000, per semester, for each winner.

Stacy Elise Wedemeyer Memorial Scholarship – This Baylor opportunity, funded by family and friends of Ms. Wedemeyer, honors students whose commitment to Christ is evident in school and church activities.  Leadership ability is a requisite life-skill for successful applicants.  Priority consideration, for landing the awards, is given to candidates whose parents are in full time Christian service.

Calvin College provides educational scholarships for students enrolled in religion programs.  Opportunities are available for those students majoring or minoring in religion, and for other candidates interested in ministry.  These school-specific efforts help Calvin College students earn religion degrees:

Gordon Spykman Memorial Scholarship provides $2100 annually to at least one winner meeting the following eligibility requirements:

  • Current Calvin student
  • Junior or Senior during aid period
  • Majoring or minoring in religion
  • Cumulative campus GPA of at least 3.0
  • Submit paper about Calvin world-view
  • Display some level of financial need meeting college expenses

Bratt Scholarships are worth $2400 to each recipient.  The funding is reserved for applicants seeking educational credentials for ministry, missionary and educational work.  Candidates are required to apply before March 21st, to receive priority consideration for Bratt awards.

Hoeks Family Scholarships are designed for students pursuing credentials that apply to Christian education.  Those studying to teach Bible, Theology or religious studies, at Christian schools, are encouraged to apply for Hoeks awards valued at $1500 each.  Government-verified financial need is not required for application, but successful candidates must be able to demonstrate some level of need covering higher education expenses.

Religion Newswriters Association provides assistance for working journalism professionals seeking religion education.  Awards valued at up to $5000 each are granted to qualified applicants.  The Lilly Scholarship in Religion is for full-time journalists, who can prove full-time employment in the industry.  The grant is used to attend religious institutions and distance learning options.


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