Company Provided Scholarships

The Role of Corporations in Sponsoring Educations

Large corporations often set aside company funds for a variety of scholarship programs. These companies understand that the well educated workforce of tomorrow depends on accessible education today. Companies develop scholarship programs for their employees and their families, as well as as for the general public. These programs may be need-based or merit-based, and often target specific career oriented disciplines.

Companies Reinvest Wealth

Corporations understand that to remain competitive in an ever changing global marketplace requires the steady influx of new talent. By sponsoring lucrative scholarship programs, they are able to encourage and develop the next generation of employees and executives who will lead their companies to greater successes. These scholarships can be difficult to find, but with a little research and some hard work students can find a wide variety of corporate sponsored scholarship programs designed to help them achieve their college goals.

fortune 500 scholarship programs

Check Out the Fortune 500

The Fortune 500 is populated with a diverse collection of successful corporations, including:

Many of these corporations work hard to give something back to the communities in which they prosper. One of the ways they do this is to sponsor scholarships for deserving students. These scholarship programs often target women and minorities as a way to diversify the growing workforce. Many of these scholarships will also be dedicated to students pursuing a specific career path that is closely linked to the sponsoring corporation.

A Sampling of Corporate Sponsored Scholarships


Wal-Mart is one of the most widely recognized retail chains in the United States. Through their Wal-Mart Foundation they sponsor a variety of philanthropic initiatives, including scholarships for current employees and their dependents.

Both of Wal-Mart’s scholarships are renewable, as long as the recipient remains an employee of the company.


Google remains at the forefront of the internet revolution. As one of the most recognized computer software and service organizations around the world, their name has become nearly synonymous with internet use. Google sponsors a number of world wide educational initiatives, and supports a variety of lucrative scholarship programs dedicated to the encouragement and support of women and minorities who are pursuing degrees in science, mathematics and technology.

These are only a few of the scholarship programs supported by Google for students pursuing degrees and career in computer technology. Further programs are available for students in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The Coca-Cola Company

The company that brought America ‘The Pause that Refreshes’ supports a large number of philanthropic initiatives, including a variety of scholarships. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation supports the following annual scholarships for college-bound students.


The McDonald’s corporation supports a number of philanthropic initiatives, including the well known Ronald McDonald House Charities. The McDonald’s corporation supports a a number of regional and national scholarships for both the general public, and its college aged employees.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities US Scholarships provide financial assistance to college-bound students with extreme financial need. The RMHC scholarships are regionally based, and are dedicated to helping students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend college and achieve their educational goals. Award amounts vary depending on available funding.


As part of the computer revolution, Dell became well known for its innovative line of home computers. Through the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation they provide annual scholarships for deserving students who may not otherwise be able to afford a college education.


A giant in the computer software industry, Microsoft is well know for its charitable contributions. Microsoft supports a number of annual scholarships for minorities and women pursuing degrees in computer sciences and related technical disciplines. The Microsoft Scholarships are divided into four categories:

All of Microsoft’s scholarship programs require the submission of a resume, letter of recommendation, academic transcript and formal essay. Awards are determined by financial need, academic achievement, recommendations and essay performance. Student’s are competing for full or partial scholarship awards.

This is just a brief sampling of the scholarship opportunities supported by corporations around the country. Many more programs are in place to support and encourage college-bound students. Interested students should continue their search for corporate sponsored scholarships by consulting the annual Fortune 500 listings, giving special attention to those companies closely linked to the student’s own educational and career interests. Students should also consider contacting the management of the companies and firms for which they or their parents work. Often, companies will support regional scholarships for the dependents of their active employees.

Corporate sponsored scholarships are highly competitive, and students are encouraged to begin their search, and to make their application, as early as possible.