Scholarships for Future Psychiatrists

Free Money to Offset the Years of Necessary Study

The field of Psychiatry is always expanding. As we learn new attributes of the human mind and different methods to treat mental illnesses, more and more professionals are needed. To attract more students to this field there are many institutions that provide generous scholarships and grants. Most commonly, organizations offer various research grants to allow students to gain hands-on learning.

Psychiatry students can find scholarships for almost any specialization such as addiction psychiatry. Simply looking at colleges’ websites is a great way to find different scholarship opportunities. Here are a few scholarships and grants to get you started.

General Scholarship Programs

Rock Sleyster Memorial Scholarshippsychiatry scholarships

Offered through the American Medical Association, the Rock Sleyster Memorial Scholarship is given to students entering their senior year in medical school. This competitive award is given to students who have a focus on psychiatry. This award is presented to students based on both academic excellence and financial need. Up to $2,500 can be awarded.

School Specific Scholarships

University of Florida

The University of Florida offers its students a variety of scholarships. Those in the field of medicine are no different. The Haufler Psychiatry Fund is an endowment given to fourth-year medical students who have demonstrated remarkable achievement in the classroom. The student who is planning on a career in psychiatry with the highest GPA will be the recipient of this fund.

The University of Florida also offers the Professional Fellowship. This award goes to women of color who are entering their third or fourth-year of medical school. The awarded amount ranges from $5,000 to $12,000. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is early in January each year.

University of Kansas-Wichita

The University o f Kansas’ School of Medicine takes a unique approach to scholarships. The Dr. Ronald L. Martin Scholarship advances the field of psychiatry by providing financial support to a third-year medical student. But instead of awarding one, standard scholarship, they offer three different ways for students to receive funding.

The first annual award goes to the student who can write the best paper on any topic in the field of psychiatry. The paper should be written as if it were being entered into an esteemed medical journal. Next, the Ron Martin Scholarship offers an award for students who have demonstrated outstanding academic prowess in psychiatry. Students must prepare a written summary of their studies and how these studies have put them in a position to excel in their medical career. The final way in which students can get scholarship funding is by outperforming other students in the field of psychiatric medicine during their clerkship.

The amount of funding that each of these scholarships provide varies each year.

Joseph Collins Foundation

The Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship is only given to well-rounded medical students. This $10,000 award requires students to be in the upper half of their class, specialize in psychiatry or neurology, and participate on a regular basis in some form of the arts- literature, music, painting, sculpture, or drama. There are many medical schools that offer the Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship, including the University of Chicago and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Psychiatric Nursing Scholarships

American Psychiatric Nurses Association

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) is dedicated to advancing the field of psychiatry. This advancement includes providing scholarships and grants to students so they can dedicate more of themselves to this study. APNA sponsors multiple research grants each year to those who are starting their research careers in psychiatric-mental health nursing. Five of these grants are awarded each year for up to $5,000.


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