Are You Studying Library and Information Science?

Apply for Scholarships Specific to Your Coursework

Library and Information Science is a growing field that offers a wide range of professional opportunities for students with a passion for research and raw information. As the digital age continues apace, library sciences will take on an even greater importance as entire archives of information will need to be cataloged, indexed, and stored on new mediums. Traditional libraries, both public and private, will also demand a steady influx of talented librarians with the ability to collate texts and ephemera with an eye towards the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Students interested in majoring in Library and Information Science will find a variety of scholarships designed to help them pay for their college education. The majority of scholarships and fellowships for Library and Information Science are dedicated to students working towards their Master’s degree. That being said, there are still a good number of scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students enrolled in library science courses. Scholarships for Library and Information Science are typically supported by colleges and universities, educational foundations, and national library associations.

University-Based Scholarshipslibrarian scholarships

Library and Information Science majors will find many scholarship opportunities sponsored through their college or university of choice. Universities offering accredited Library Science courses often provide scholarships and grants for their attending students. Eligibility requirements and monetary awards will vary greatly depending on the school, and students are encouraged to contact their college’s office of financial aid for information on scholarship programs for which they may be eligible.

The following university-based scholarships should give library science majors a better idea of what may be available to them through their school.

Library Associations

Library associations, and national associations of librarians, are also prime sources of financial aid for students majoring in Library and Information Science. The goal of these organizations is to further the development of library sciences, and support the next generation of librarians. Two of the most notable library associations in the United States are the American Library Association and the Council on Library and Information Resources. The following scholarships and fellowships are sponsored by these two august organizations.

Specifically Focused Scholarships

Students majoring in Library and Information Science will have a wide range of professional opportunities to consider. In addition to the traditional roles of librarians in schools and public libraries, students may also find employment working within highly specific academic fields. Academic libraries are typically defined by the discipline they serve, and cater to professionals engaged in highly specific research. Library Science majors interested in working within a closed academic field may find further scholarship opportunities through the professional associations aligned with that field.

For example, the following library associations offer scholarships and grants for Library and Information Science majors with highly specific career goals.

Library and Information Science offers a wealth of career opportunities. From grade school libraries to the National Archive, librarians stand at the forefront of the preservation and dissemination of all human knowledge. It is a noble calling that brings many rewards. For students interested in pursuing careers in Library and Information Science, scholarships and fellowships may provide the financial means the their professional goals.