Health Promotion and Education Scholarships

Become a Leader and Educator

Wellness is a leading issue in America, and students interested in health promotion and education discover that the field allows for specialization in almost every area of health care. For the most part, the profession is educational in nature; it can be offered through colleges of education, biology or health. If you like teaching and want to help promote disease prevention and wellness, then the field may be custom-built for you.

As a health education professional, you may work in a private or public school, in a clinic, in a public or community program, or in a research capacity.


There are a number of scholarships available from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Students enrolled in the School of Health Promotion and Human Development may be eligible for the following opportunities for varying funding:

heath promotion scholarshipsAt the University of Utah, the College of Health has evolved since its early beginning in 1868 and is now one of the university’s largest colleges. There are a number of scholarships endowed specifically for undergraduate and graduate health students, in addition to college-wide ones that may be applicable to the field.

East Carolina University Department of Health and Human Performance offers 12 named scholarships ranging from $250 per semester to $2,000 per year that are available to any major within the college. In addition, there are 9 named scholarships ranging from $500 per semester to $1,200 per year for students specializing in health education and promotion.

The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) funds a number of student scholarships:

The Northern Arizona University offers female juniors and seniors in the Department of Biological Sciences a possible $300 award from the Helen Oswalt Memorial Scholarship. Qualified students must be pursuing health education, exercise or a related field.

The University of Northern Iowa offers a comprehensive program in health promotion and education within the School of Health, Physical Education & Leisure Services. Incoming students may qualify for College of Education Scholarships that award up to the cost of a full tuition.