Architecture Scholarship Programs

Kick-Start your Career with Architecture Scholarships

Architecture majors have chosen an exciting and lucrative career path. But studying to be an architect takes time and money, and like all students, architecture majors are faced with the ever rising costs of college tuition. For many students, that time and expense can translate to sizable college loans. Fortunately, there are a wealth of scholarship opportunities for architecture majors than can help to defray the costs of their college education, and keep costly loans to a minimum. Architecture scholarships are fiercely competitive, and are almost always awarded on the basis of merit. For the promising student however, a scholarship to study architecture can be the ticket to their professional future.

The most common sources for scholarships dedicated to students pursuing degrees in architecture and its related fields are:

architecture scholarshipsPrivate Funding

The vast majority of scholarships for architecture majors are supported by the private sector. Professional associations routinely offer scholarships for promising students as a way of encouraging and supporting the next generation of architects, designers and city planners. These organizations also often offer lucrative fellowships for advanced students at the graduate and post-graduate levels, as well as paid internships to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities.

Women and minorities should also keep in mind that many professional architectural associations are working hard to expand and diversify their field. Consequently there are large number of scholarship programs solely devoted to the needs of women and ethnic minorities who are pursuing a career in architecture or one of its related fields.

The following examples should give a good indication of the types of scholarships available to architecture majors from the private sector.

College Scholarships

Colleges and universities are also valuable sources of scholarships for architecture majors. Most colleges and universities offer a variety of need-based and merit-based scholarships that are available to all students, regardless of major. But many universities which house architecture and design colleges also offer career-specific scholarships for their attending students. The availability of these scholarships will vary greatly depending on the college of attendance, and students should contact their school’s office of financial aid, as well as their major’s department head, for information on possible programs for which they may be eligible.

The following campus-based scholarship programs are typical of the financial aid opportunities available to architecture majors through their college or university.

Students pursuing a career in architecture and its related fields are embarking on a long educational path. Architecture majors typically find themselves in school for a minimum of five years as they pursue their professional degrees. It can be a long, and costly, process. But with the right scholarships architecture majors can find the funds they need to complete their education and realize their professional goals.