Toxicology Scholarships

Specialize in Toxicology

Pharmacology and toxicology are disciplines devoted to studying the ways in which organisms are impacted by interactions with chemicals, drugs, and other substances.  In toxicology, the emphasis is placed on human interactions with environmental agents that we come into contact with every day.  Physiological and biochemical interactions are studied by pharmacologists and toxicologists, who employ scientific principles drawn from biology and chemistry to draw conclusions about how particular substances impact humans.

Financial aid for toxicology studies originates from government-backed sources, as well as professional associations, endowed foundations and individual campus toxicology departments.  Use these examples to illuminate  financial aid opportunities available for science education.

Professional Organizations Provide Toxicology Education Fundingtoxicology scholarships

Foundations and professional associations advocate for their members, providing support for working professionals and aspiring candidates who are working toward employment in related fields.  Financial aid is a central component of most subject-specific philanthropy, ensuring that well-educated graduates continue to fill professional industry roles.  Toxicology scholarships and assistance are found among these professional organizations, and other groups dedicated to advancing the toxicology industry:

The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine issues Michael P. Spadafora Medical Toxicology Scholarships, named to honor an emergency medical doctor whose passion was toxicology.  The award singles out exemplary candidates who share the same passion and career goals embodied by Dr. Spadafora’s legacy. Qualified candidates have experience in medical toxicology, and are seeking funding required to attend annual conferences and continuing education events.

The American Academy of Clinical Toxicology provides annual scholarships that cover travel expenses for winners to attend annual conferences. Eligible candidates are participating in research projects being presented at the annual conference, and display financial need paying for ongoing toxicology research. Awards vary based on available funding and specific research requirements.

The Northern California Regional Chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry funds student research scholarships each year. Eligible candidates are undergraduates and graduate-level students who require funding to complete research projects. Research subject areas must be related to environmental toxicology.

The American Chemical Society delivers scholarships designated for minority students whose majors are in scientific areas like chemistry and toxicology. Eligible applicants qualify based on ethnic criteria, combined with high academic performance and exceptional financial need paying for college. Awards are valued up to $3,000 each.

Society of Toxicology provides educational financing opportunities for undergraduate students pursuing certain academic majors.  Linking graduates and working professionals with employment and continuing education opportunities is facilitated by networking, including student trips to national conferences and cooperative efforts between SOT affiliates.

College Scholarships

The University of Illinois provides graduate fellowships for qualified candidates working within the school’s Interdisciplinary Environmental Toxicology Program.  Competitive awards are reserved for leading researchers in toxicology fields like endocrinology, environmental health and pathology.

St. Johns University provides the following scholarships, which are reserved for qualified undergraduate and graduate-level toxicology students enrolled at the school’s Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

  • Outstanding Research Performed by a Graduating Toxicology Major
  • Toxicologist Award recognizes top students in the major.
  • By nomination of faculty, qualified recipients earn the Toxicology Leadership Award, which recognizes students whose commitment to the major is demonstrated through their leadership activities.

Penn State University students enrolled in the College of Agricultural Sciences Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department qualify for two distinct scholarships.  These endowed awards recognize academic achievement and contributions to the field:

  • Richard Wian Scholarship in Veterinary Science
  • Reddy Family Trustee Scholarship in Toxicology


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