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The basis for almost every medical field is human anatomy. Everything doctors and scientist have done in the past thousands of years of medical history has been, in some way, to aid or prolong human life. Medical students of every branch must become experts in anatomy and physiology before earning their degree. Without understanding how all of the organs and bones and nervous system work harmoniously in the body, a student can never fully understand exactly what medications and treatments do to the body.

Many who focus their studies solely on the human anatomy will find that they are preparing for a teaching career. This isn’t an easy position to obtain, however. Most careers in this field require one to have their Ph.D. degree. If you love studying what makes the body tick, especially if you want a career in a teaching role, this degree is for you.anatomy scholarships

But, if you are still unsure as to which field of study you want to pursue, and financial aid is a big issue check out other science related scholarships to make sure you choose the exact one you want.

Scholarship Programs

Organization Scholarships

The Human Anatomy & Physiology Society is dedicated to furthering the teaching of human anatomy and physiology at every institutional level. They offer an environment of learning, innovation, and communication among teachers with their publications and conferences. They offer student grants for tuition so students can enroll in higher level courses. These grants can also be used for internships attending workshops so that they are able to network with others in this field.

Their Robert Anthony Scholarship is for new instructors in anatomy and physiology. Its purpose is to allow these new teachers to network with other, experienced teachers by attending their Anatomy and Physiology Annual Conference. They also offer another scholarship for students called the HAPS Graduate Student/Postdoctoral travel Award. This $400 cash award is given to graduate or postdoctoral students to attend Their HAPS Annual Conference.

College Scholarships

There are many colleges and universities who offer scholarships specifically to those in studying anatomy.

Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan offers the Duke Tanaka Jr. Anatomy Scholarship to those enrolled in the study of anatomy. It is offered so that those who want to pursue more detailed areas of anatomy have the chance to do so. To be eligible, students must be attending full time, entering their senior year, and have an overall GPA of 3.4. There are three of these awards given out annually, with the amount varying depending on the level of funding.

The University of Tennessee’s College of Graduate Health Sciences offers the Morton H. and Myra M. Friedman Scholarship Endowment Fund. This scholarship is for students in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. It is only given to students who show remarkable academic prowess, demonstrate financial need, and are dedicated to the study of anatomy as a career.

Wake Forest University has many scholarships for almost every degree you can think of, including anatomy. Specifically, their Norman M. Sulkin Scholarship Fund is given to students in their neurobiology and anatomy PhD program.


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