Developmental Biology Scholarships

What is Developmental Biology, and What Can I Do with a Developmental Biology Degree?

Developmental Biology is the study of the growth and developmental process of organisms. Becoming a technologist in medical laboratories and in the area of reproductive assistance are just two of the careers available to Developmental Biology degree holders.

Scholarships at BYU

Brigham Young University’s Developmental Biology Department wards the Ted & Della Hanks Scholarship. This award covers half the cost of tuition for one semester. These scholarships are handed out based on outstanding academic performance as well as laboratory performance. They also offer the Physiology & Developmental Biology Scholarship which covers half tuition. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA to be considered for this award.

developmental biology scholarships

University of Cincinnati Scholarships

The University of Cincinnati in conjunction with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital offers the Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate program. Here, students are given the skills needed to excel in the world of scientific research. Because this branch of study is so important, the University of Cincinnati offers scholarships which will pay full tuition, award a stipend of $26,000- $30,500, reimburse relocation expenses up to $400, and offer health insurance which is paid by the program.

In addition to this prestigious award, they also offer the Distinguished Scholar Award. This scholarship is given only to the most outstanding and competitive students. It is a $5,000 award handed out upon acceptance, and can be used to the student’s discretion.

Undergraduate Scholarship Programs at UCLA

UCLA offers a wide variety of scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students.

  • The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships are awarded sophomores and juniors who are going to pursue careers in fields such as Developmental Biology. To be considered, students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 and rank in the upper fourth of their class.
  • The Beinecke Memorial Scholarship provides funding to the students who are in senior standing for the first two years of graduate school. This award goes to seniors who have demonstrated remarkable understanding in the field of study that they are going to pursue at the graduate level. To be considered for this scholarship, students must have a GPA of 3.5.
  • The UCLEADS (Leadership Excellence Through Advanced Degrees) is a program which is designed to help educationally or economically disadvantaged undergraduates by offering research experience and stipends.

University of Washington Biology Scholarships

The Department of Biology at the University of Washington offers a variety of scholarships to their undergraduates. Each Fall and Spring Semester the specifications of these award changes. The amount awarded varies from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $5,000 which goes toward tuition. For details on their current scholarship opportunities you should check out their scholarship page.

Automatic Consideration for Scholarships and Other Financial Aid

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Massachusetts is an international center for research, education, and training in biology. Over 275 scientists and staff from fields such as developmental biology come together and study the diverse marine organisms found in the oceans. Students who are interested in studying with MBL are encouraged to apply for any of their scholarships. In fact, anyone who applies for financial assistance is automatically considered for every scholarship they offer.

University of California – Santa Cruz Scholarships

The University of California-Santa Cruz (UCSC) ranks second among all universities in research influence. Obviously, if students are drawn to any field of study where much research is needed- like developmental biology- this is one of the most elite schools to do so. They offer an array of scholarships. The one thing different about UCSC is that all incoming freshman are automatically considered for all scholarships. This means that you don’t have to painstakingly search for scholarships anymore; they are handed to you!

Every Student Gets a Stipend

Baylor College of Medicine’s Interdepartmental Program in Cell and Molecular Biology aims at giving the brightest students the best tools to help make great advances in biomedical science. As they only except top recruits, they offer a stipend of $29,000, tuition scholarship, health insurance to those in the program. Also, those students who are then able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack are awarded the Dean’s Award for Excellence which provides an additional $3,000 to students who obtain a nationally competitive fellowship. They also offer $500 awards to the top performing students each year.


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