Corporate Training Educator Scholarships

Become a Highly Skilled Business Trainer

Corporate training is the buzzword in big business. Training in a business environment once was the job of the human resources professionals, but now private and public companies and organizations are assembling specialized crews of training and development staff to transform their workforce into a more efficient and profitable team.

Colleges and universities are answering the call and offer programs of study in this ever-growing field. You will find corporate training and development programs offered across the board, from continuing education to degree programs. Students can often customize their coursework, and are usually engaged in a wide-ranging field of subjects, from experiential learning to strategic planning to organizational development.

The job of a corporate trainer is to provide an array of direction, including industry-specific training, safety training, technical courses, and morale-building and motivational workshops and events. You will find scholarships through college corporate training departments, continuing education programs, and corporations. If you are interested in getting a leg up in the workplace, check to see if your own company offers tuition assistance.

corporate training scholarships


Many corporate training programs are offered online because many students are adult learners who want to enhance their professional credentials. As a result, they are considered nontraditional students, so check with your school to find out about nontraditional student scholarship offerings.

University of North Texas School of Technology & Performance Improvement offers students the Roger Ditzenberger Scholarship. The program awards students pursuing corporate training as a career. Awards vary with funding and are guided by current business trends.

Online Options

Have you considered a virtual school? There are several, so do your homework. Some offer scholarships and incentives:

CalUniversity is a distance education institution dedicated to the study of business administration and management. The online school waives the application and registration fee for active duty, reservists, national guardsmen, veterans and other military service members, and offers an additional merit-based military scholarship that requires an essay.

Capella University offers a Master of Science in Education for Training and Performance Improvement Specialization. It offers:

  • Robert C. Ford Scholarship to current Capella learners enrolled in any degree program who demonstrate academic and professional excellence, targeted toward traditionally underrepresented and disadvantaged students. Eight $4,000 scholarships are available each year; typically, two are awarded each quarter.
  • Helene Krivosha School of Education Scholarship awards a $5,000 scholarship each year for a graduate student in education.


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