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The study of Geography goes well beyond the scope of physical positions of cities and states. Geography encompasses a vast array of disciplines that consider not only physical location, but social implications, cartography and mapping, the environment and other closely related subjects. Geography helps you appreciate the world as a whole better. To get a full understanding, you must study the human as well as physical geography, including culture, history, religion, language and more.

Graduates of a Geography program can work in a wide range of fields, and covering many scientific disciplines. The U.S. government employs many types of geographers, for everything from meteorology and GPS navigation, to military intelligence and disaster relief . Work is also available in the public or private sector and engaged in careers that are closely related to the field of study, such as urban planning, surveyor, conservation, exploration or geographic information systems (GIS).

geography scholarships

Scholarship Programs

Western Michigan State University provides a number of scholarships, grants and awards designed for Geography students. Under graduate scholarships are $500 -$1500. Graduate scholarships and awards are also avaialable. The Geography program at WMU offers concentrations in travel, urban planning and conservation science.

California State University-Northridge prides itself on its Geography department and in order to attract as many students as possible and offset the costs of the program, CSUN also sponsors a handful of attractive scholarships:

Oklahoma State University’s Department of Geography

provides a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Geography. Department majors have the chance to specialize in urban planning, cartography and a host of other concentrations. OSU provides the following scholarships for Geography students:

Humboldt State University offers the following scholarships for its Geography students:

Scholarships available from the Department of Geography at the University of Montana include: