Food Science Scholarships

Get a Nice, Healthy Dose of College Money

If you think about the groups of food we eat and how they are all created, grown, harvested, manufactured, packaged, and preserved, you are knee deep in the “meat and vegetables” of Food Science. Students in a Food Science program are engaged in an interdisciplinary curriculum studying all facets of food, from agriculture to plant genetics to chemistry. In many programs today, the study of food science is more akin to the agricultural disciplines than anything resembling culinary education. Much study is devoted to breeding hybrid crop, exploring improved methods of cultivation, and researching food facts. Professionals in the food sciences may work in a wide range of jobs including biotechnology, food processing, packaging, marketing and testing. These careers range widely from the private to the public sectors, but all require some kind of qualifying food sciences degree. There are as many scholarship opportunities in this booming field as there are ingredients in a good stew.

food science scholarships

Private Funds

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), like all devoted professional organizations, sponsors generous scholarships for student members. The benefits are mutual: the IFT is glad to incorporate new members and student findings into their wealth of resources, and students of the food sciences are able to pursue specific projects or questions they might be interested in. The IFT offers scholarships for freshman through graduate students:

The IFT also offers numerous awards for exceptional research papers or projects by motivated students of the food sciences. These competitions take place annually and come with a variety of recognition and monetary reward.

College Scholarships

Purdue University has one of the more renowned programs in Food Science in the nation. Their department of Food Science has specialty programs in culinary science and even in pet-food processing. Consequently, it also has quite a lengthy list of scholarships, most of them aimed at freshmen:

North Carolina State University’s Food Science program maintains a significant list of scholarships. Here are a few:

The University of Arkansas provides several scholarships through its Department of Agriculture and Food Sciences, ranging from $500-$1500. These awards are available to freshmen, transfer students, and current students. A few of the scholarships target students with very specific study interests:

Further Food Science Scholarship Opportunities

The Food Sciences encompass such a wide variety of studies, whether technological or nutritional, and therefore, the more specific your course of study, the better your chances may be of receiving a very pointed scholarship in a highly specialized corner of the field. For instance:

Additionally, much study and funding in the last decade is being put towards studies of sustainability, health, and nutrition within the Food Sciences. Consequently, if you are interested in pursuing the “green” side of the plate, contact your school’s Food Sciences department and inquire as to possible funding in this fertile and expanding area.