Anthropology Scholarships

Financial Aid for the Sciences

Anthropology is the study of humanity and its social and cultural development. Anthropologist’s explore the history of mankind, from its origins as tribes of hunter-gatherers through to the beginnings of modern civilization as we know it. By studying man’s cultural and biological history, anthropologist’s hope to better understand our present, and our possible futures.

Anthropology encompasses four major sub-disciplines: cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology and archaeology. Students majoring in anthropology will be required to complete coursework in all four of these sub-disciplines. They will also need to take classes in world history, literature and the natural sciences.

A degree in anthropology takes time, and where college is concerned that means money. Fortunately, there are a wide range of lucrative scholarships available to help anthropology majors supplement their college fund.

Anthropology Scholarships from Colleges and Universitiesanthropology scholarships

The majority of scholarships for students majoring in anthropology are campus-based. Whether funded by the school itself, or by outside endowments, these scholarships will only be available to students who have been accepted into the anthropology department at the college or university in question. Campus-based scholarships for anthropology majors tend to be merit-based, though some schools will take financial need into consideration when making their final award decisions. Students pursuing degrees in anthropology should speak with their college advisers, department heads, and financial aid officers for information on scholarships programs which may be available to them.

The following campus-based anthropology scholarships should give students an idea of the financial aid opportunities that may be available through their college or university.

Anthropology Scholarships from Professional Organizations

While the majority of scholarships for anthropology majors are available through colleges and universities, there are a number of programs supported by independent professional associations and science foundations. These programs are generally open to all anthropology majors, regardless of their school of attendance. In some instances, these scholarships will include internships that offer anthropology majors hands on experience in the field.

Anthropology is a fascinating subject, and its sub-disciplines help us to understand ourselves by exploring our sociocultural history. Students pursuing degrees in anthropology will find the coursework as challenging as it is rewarding. With the right scholarships, anthropology majors can take their place alongside their scientific peers.