Scholarships for Environmental Science Students

Looking for More Money for College?

Environmental science as a field of study has been growing in popularity since the 1960s, and today there is a wealth of scholarship aid available from all manner of private and public organizations. It is impossible to present more than a small segment of the totality here, but the following is a reliable cross-section of the potential assistance.

Government Scholarships

Udall Foundationenvironmental science scholarships

The Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation focuses on helping students who are planning careers in environmental science. If you are a sophomore or junior in the field, you can apply for the Udall Scholarship, worth as much as $5,000. Here are a few notes on criteria for competition.

Your ability to lead and community service are paramount, followed by your grades. It is expected that you will rank in the top 25% of your class with a GPA of at least 3.0. You do not apply directly; instead, your faculty representative will nominate you by submitting an application, with supporting documentation, on your behalf. That representative will serve as your link to the foundation, and since the process is competitive, there are several web pages of advice offered on the site that both you and your representative should review.

Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Marshall Commission have joined forces to sponsor the EPA Marshall Scholarship, designed for Marshall scholars whose graduate work focuses on an environmental field (for example, restoration, public health, or stewardship). At most, you can fund five years of study using an EPA Marshall, the first two years of which must take place in the U. K. Study thereafter can occur in either the U. K. or the U. S., and students who take a global approach to solving environmental problems will receive priority.

Scholarships From Private Organizations

Ohio Academy of Science

The Ohio Academy of Science obtained a grant from the state of Ohio to fund the Ohio Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering Scholarships. The scholarships bring $1,250 for a two-year course of study, and $2,500 for a four- or five-year program. There are five criteria for judging applications:

American Nuclear Society

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) provides a lengthy page on its financial aid, which includes the Environmental Sciences Division Scholarship. The nuclear energy industry wants to promote its product as a safe, environmentally friendly option, and the scholarship funds a student who is concentrating on the environmental aspect of nuclear science. Contact ANS for details on how to apply.

Scholarships From Colleges

University of California, Riverside

The University of California, Riverside’s Department of Environmental Sciences lists several scholarships:

Northern Arizona University

The School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability at Northern Arizona University offers a number of scholarships suitable for environmental science students:

Washington State University

Washington State University (WSU)’s School of Earth & Environmental Sciences has reserved seven scholarships for its environmental science students. Here are three examples: