Educational Technology Scholarships

Next-Gen Teachers Introduce Instructional Technology into the Classroom

Teachers have access to a wealth of technological tools, but their latest learning curve is how to best implement technology into their classrooms and curriculum, and rating their effectiveness in instruction and learning. Computer technology is racing along at breakneck speed, so keeping current is a challenge for school systems and educators alike.

You will find scholarships designed for working teachers that reward practical efforts to innovate in the classroom, as well as offer cutting-edge continuing education in educational technology tools and methods. Colleges of education offer popular degrees in educational and instructional technology, training next-generation educators in traditional classroom pedagogy while preparing them to instruct within the technological arena. In addition to educational applications, technology presents classroom challenges surrounding other issues, including copyright, cyber-security, and determining the effectiveness on learning outcomes.

technology scholarships


Indiana University Northwest offers a generous list of general scholarships for all levels of students, from incoming freshmen to transfers to graduates. The School of Education also offers these scholarships:

University of Michigan Teaching with Technology Institute grants $2,500 awards designed to help instructional teaching faculty, and tenured and tenured-track professors, fund innovative projects on the Ann Arbor campus. The School of Education offers 50 scholarships for incoming students, who are routinely screened for the scholarships and don’t need to file an application.

Through its the Foundation for Technology and Engineering Educators (FTEE), the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association funds a number of scholarships designed to help teaching students and professional educators maintain a competitive edge in technology:

Virginia Technology Student Association offers two scholarships for Virginia students focused on technology education:

Northern Illinois University offers scholarships through the College of Education Technology, Research and Assessment: