Master of Arts in Education Scholarships

Programs Target Education Academics

The Master of Arts in Education (MAE) is an advanced academic degree that lets professional educators advance their careers, and in some states it is one of the requirements for a teaching license. If you are currently teaching and would like to become a principal, or a school or mental health counselor, the MAE will help you reach those goals.

Within the scope of the masters in education, you may choose among specializations like Language and Literacy, Early Childhood Education, or Higher Education Administration. If you choose to concentrate on Curriculum and Instruction, for example, you will focus on how to teach effectively and develop methods of instruction especially suited to helping different groups of students learn.

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Scholarships From Colleges

University of Michigan-Flint

The University of Michigan-Flint has several graduate scholarships, one reserved for students in the masters in education program. The Ralph and Emmalyn Freeman Master of Arts in Education Scholarship is given to students in one of the following four concentrations: Early Childhood Education, Literacy K-12, Special Education, and Technology in Education.

Applicants for the Freeman scholarship must have the equivalent of a 3.5 GPA, have completed all their prerequisite courses, and finished 12 hours of graduate school. With your application, you must submit a cover letter and two reference letters.

San Francisco State University

The Graduate College of Education at San Francisco State University currently offers 22 scholarships for its students. Here are some examples of the choices you will find:

George Washington University

George Washington University’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) provides a full range of interesting options in masters degrees like Educational Leadership and Administration and Counseling Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Persons. The school has several different types of financial aid, including the following five scholarships:

Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning

The Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning sponsor the Graduate Teacher and the Counseling and School Administration Loan/Scholarship Program for Class A-licensed public school teachers who want to obtain advanced degrees. You must reside in Mississippi and be pursuing your first masters degree and Class AA teaching license at a Mississippi school.

You will be reimbursed $125 for each credit hour, to a maximum of 12 hours, and you will need to keep teaching while you attend school and for another year after you finish your masters in education.

University of New Mexico

The College of Education at the University of New Mexico offers a masters in education, and also provides its students with several scholarships. Here are examples of what you will find there:

Scholarships From Private Organizations

James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation

The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation awards James Madison Graduate Fellowships annually, usually one in every state. The pool of competitors for each state’s fellowship is restricted to that state, and the fellowships are worth $24,000 each.

To be eligible, you must train to teach social studies, American government, or American history, and you must agree to a service obligation. You will teach your chosen subject in grades 7-12 for one year in return for each year of fellowship funding.

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation also gives fellowship support in exchange for an agreement to teach after finishing a one-year masters program. You may choose from one of four universities: Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, and University of Washington.

You will teach for three years in a secondary school designated as high-need, during which time the Foundation supplies you with a mentor and helps you use your tenure to further your career development, for example by helping you obtain your teaching certification.