Agriculture Student Scholarships

Harvest Some Financial Aid

Students interested in pursuing careers in agriculture will find a wide range of scholarship opportunities designed to help them complete their college education. Scholarships for students majoring in agricultural studies are as diverse as the field itself, and cover everything from farming and ranching to agronomy, crop and soil sciences, food sciences, horticulture and plant pathology. A wide range of professional career opportunities are available for agriculture majors, from farm management and animal husbandry to scientific research, natural resources management and food safety administration.

Scholarships for agriculture majors are sponsored by a variety of sources, including Federal and state governments, professional associations, and colleges and universities. Students looking for agriculture scholarships will find that many programs target specific agricultural related disciplines, and my require recipients to be enrolled in a particular course of study or at a partnering college or university.

agriculture scholarships

Government Funded Agriculture Scholarships

The United States Department of Agriculture sponsors a variety of scholarships for students pursuing degrees and careers in agricultural related fields. These programs are open to students across the country, and students can apply through the financial aid offices of their college of choice.

The following examples are a few of the many financial aid programs offered by the USDA:

In addition to the programs supported by the USDA, many state governments offer scholarships and grants for resident students pursuing degrees and careers in an agricultural related field. Students from states with large rural populations, and with large farming or ranching communities, should contact their state’s Department of Higher Education Services for information on possible state-sponsored financial aid for agriculture majors.

Agriculture Scholarships Sponsored by Professional Associations

Many national and regional professional associations with close ties to farming, food production and natural resource management, sponsor scholarships for students pursuing degrees in agricultural related disciplines. These scholarship programs typically target a specific discipline or career path that directly relates to the sponsoring organization’s main area of focus. The majority of scholarships supported by professional associations are merit-based, though a few may take a student’s financial status into consideration when making any final award determinations.

The following examples are typical of the scholarship programs supported by professional associatiosn for students pursuing degrees in agriculture and its related fields.

Agriculture Scholarships from Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are major sources of scholarships for students pursuing degrees in agriculture and agricultural related disciplines. Schools with sizable agricultural departments, and colleges in states with large rural and farming communities, will have the most extensive scholarship programs for their attending students. Agriculture majors will find that their choice of college may be influenced by the availability of these scholarship programs, and may find it advisable to research a number of different colleges before settling on a final educational destination.

Campus-based scholarships for agriculture majors are primarily merit-based, though some schools will take into account an applicant’s financial need when making final award decisions. The following few examples are typical of the types of scholarships offered by colleges and universities for students pursuing degrees in agriculture and agricultural related disciplines.

Students majoring in agriculture and its related sciences are exploring the many ways that humans interact with their natural environment. Whether on the farm or in the lab; on the range or in the boardroom, agriculture majors stand at the forefront of man’s ability to survive and flourish in a changing ecosphere. The large number of scholarships devoted to students pursuing degrees in agriculture and agricultural sciences is a testament to the continued importance of these disciplines in our modern world.

Students interested in pursuing a career in agriculture, or one of its many related fields, will find a vast array of scholarship opportunities designed to help them achieve their educational and professional goals.