Rodeo Scholarships

Barrel Racing and Bull Riding at College

It may come as a surprise to learn that not only is rodeo an organized sport in some colleges, but there are also scholarships available to support students who are involved in that activity.

Many of these scholarships are designed not for rodeo stars, but for rodeo contributors who show a genuine love for the sport. As one scholarship application from Northeastern Junior College put it, “We wouldn’t be saying much about the quality of academics if we pulled your scholarship if you missed a calf, knocked over a barrel, or fell off of a bull,” which perfectly expresses the plain-spoken spirit of collegial participation desired.

rodeo scholarships

Scholarships From Colleges

Tarleton State University

The Office of Rodeo Activities at Tarleton State University currently offers twelve different rodeo scholarships. Here are six examples of what you will find on their scholarship page:

Trinity Valley Community College

Trinity Valley Community College, which has its own program of rodeo activities, offers a special scholarship for its rodeo participants, and you should submit your application before May 1 to receive preference. The primary criteria for judging your application are your work ethic and character as revealed in the reference letters you present, your record in school and in athletic endeavors, and your financial need.

Individual scholarships are awarded in varying amounts.

Colorado State University

As part of its campus recreation program, Colorado State University (CSU) sponsors a rodeo club for both men and women. CSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences provides two scholarships suitable for rodeo enthusiasts:

Northeastern Junior College

Northeastern Junior College established a rodeo club in 1965, and now gives scholarship assistance to pay for one or more of these educational costs:
tuition, books, housing, and food. You can find information about the rodeo program and scholarships here.

In selecting scholarship recipients, not only your performance in rodeo events but also your academic record, dedication to the sport, and attitude are taken into consideration. For your application to receive priority, you must turn it in before March 1.

Scholarships From Private Organizations

National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association

The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association hands out several scholarships for $1,000 each year, two of which are named:

National Little Britches Rodeo Association

The National Little Britches Rodeo Association (NLBRA) distributes three scholarships, and here they are: