Web Development Scholarships

Take Your Web Dev Skills to New Heights

Web developers are employed throughout the IT industry, as working professionals responsible for almost every aspect of web design, including server management. The breadth of the field calls for innovative, versatile personalities, and nurtures mavericks who manage diverse aspects of the process – including design and concept, graphics, web standards, search engine optimization, and essentially anything it takes to make the whole package work on the World Wide Web.

Advanced applications, including design and management of content and programs, online e-commerce capabilities, software development, and even security operations are additional areas of web development that capture the interests of students pursuing higher education in these forward fields.

In traditional collegiate environments, students pursuing all around “web development” credentials may earn degrees in software development or computer science, and then continue into specialized areas of interest. As a rule, technical and community colleges are likelier to offer certificate programs, which are pared down and packaged as basic Web Development programs.web development scholarships

Whichever path is chosen, would-be web developers find educational funding within the major.  Industry groups, corporate interests and other tech-forward benefactors contribute to scholarship funding and grant opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students enrolled in degree programs related to the Web.  Academic excellence, commitment to innovation, and financial need are common prerequisites for landing college assistance.

Web Developers Land Scholarships

Web Warrior Scholarship Contest, sponsored by Thomson Course Technology, gives Web Design/Development students an opportunity to compete head to head in essay contests that lead to scholarship money. Students compete for $1,000 scholarship awards, to be applied toward tuition costs associated with enrollment in a degree-granting college or university web development program.

Motivated individuals, pursuing web development higher education,  may choose to participate in the Sun Developer Network Compatibility Testing Scholarship Program. The scholarship is designed for organizations and for individuals, to assist them with the testing of current Java specifications, for the purpose of debugging and making improvements. A panel of Java and open-source development experts reviews student developers’ work on the project in order to determine eligibility for scholarship consideration.  The support scholarships provide access to compatibility kits and support for academic efforts that improve programs.

New Target Internet Scholarship is reserved for students pursuing technology related degrees.  The funding results from ongoing New Target support, which eventually morphed into this named scholarship. New Target, Inc. of Alexandria, Virginia, works with the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria to provide annual college assistance for graduates of the region’s only public high school, T.C. Williams.. The scholarship is awarded to students enrolling in degree programs related to internet technology and development.

University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science administers the BAE Systems Scholarship. To qualify, students must be majoring in degree programs related to systems management or development. BAE creates “off-the-shelf” software and systems solutions. Eligible students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and be willing to launch a career with BAE.

Electronic Document Systems Foundation Scholarships provide tuition assistance for undergraduate and graduate students who will eventually pursue document management careers, following school. Current majors include any discipline relating to IT and computer science, including web design and development, technology management and software development.

Minnesota State Community and Technical College maintains four distinct campus locations. The school’s Web Development certificate program is one of the most popular offered by that department. Scholarships that support enrolled majors include:

  • Fergus Campus awards scholarships to upwards of 150 students each year, based on academic merit, financial need and even creative talent. The most sought-after financial prize is the Presidential Scholarship, which recognizes the most academically talented applicants with $3,000 awards.
  • Aliss Award is reserved for students who have been displaced from higher education. When they return to school, the funding helps them work and raise families, while balancing college tuition requirements.  Qualified applicants have been outside college programs for at least 5 years.
  • Minnesota Indian Scholarship program is open to technology students who can prove Native American heritage, as well as financial need.


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