Information Assurance Scholarship Programs

A Full Ride in Exchange for A Small Donation of Your Time and Knowledge

Information security and assurance are closely related fields centered on data security, network security, risk-management and information protection.  Assurance is associated with risk management during the transmission, storage and use of sensitive information.  While the disciplines are linked to digital information, the broadly defined field encompasses other information security as well.

Processing information in ways that protect user data is important across a variety of industries.  Exposing vulnerabilities and deploying protective measures are important information assurance functions, as well as maintaining integrity of information across channels, and ensuring authenticity of data at all stages of its useful life.information assurance scholarships

Would-be information security staffers are educated at colleges and universities across the U.S., where they earn access to campus-specific financial aid that supports degree programs.  As digital information continues to fill prominent functions in business, industry and everyday life, demand for information security specialists has never been higher.

The term “information assurance” has become synonymous with a suite of Information Technology programs funded primarily by the National Security Agency, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense.

Information Assurance – Uncle Sam Wants You!

The National Security Agency, in conjunction with the Department of Defense, is now funding a scholarship program for information management experts. The Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP) is available at over 50 colleges and universities, or designated Centers of Academic Excellence, that offer computer science and engineering programs. The purpose of the IASP is to fill the ranks of higher education with a steady stream of promising candidates, to staff the nation’s network security agencies. By offering aspiring computer science and IT students full-tuition reimbursements, the Federal Government leverages talented graduates into employment roles with government agencies.

Cyber-security studies, including emerging specialties like computer forensics and cryptography, are eligible for IASP assistance. However, it should be noted that these are extremely competitive awards, reserved for the cream of the academic crop. Scholarship winners each earn up to $10,000 for undergraduate tuition, or $15,000 for graduate-level financing. In exchange for every year you accept scholarship money, you agree to provide one year of cyber-security work for the federal government, following graduation.

Qualified applicants are at the top of their academic classes and display aptitude for providing information security at the national level. These examples illustrate the diverse colleges and universities that participate in the government-backed scholarship initiative.

  • Master of Science in Security Informatics program at Johns Hopkins is funded by a grant from the Department of Defense. Graduate students interested in working for the Federal Government qualify for computer science and information security scholarships.  Some positions qualify for full tuition scholarships, in exchange for service in government positions.
  • The MSSI program offers cutting edge training in the latest data security, counter-hacking, computer forensics, cryptography, and public policy.
  • The CyberCorps program at Iowa State University, funded by the National Science Foundation Scholarship, is another permutation of the DoD Information Assurance program. Twenty students annually; half undergraduate and half graduate degree candidates, receive these coveted scholarships. Qualified applicants major in math, political science, computer science and others areas, and then augment their primary degree programs with additional course work covering information assurance topics.
  • Northeastern University Masters in Information Assurance synthesizes aspects of IT, security, data recovery and law to train students in the emerging field. Students enrolled in the program are eligible to apply for the DoD’s Information Assurance Scholarship, which covers tuition costs.
  • Boston University Metropolitan College participates in the IASP scholarship effort, granting awards to qualified degree candidates studying information security, in the school’s Department of Computer Science.

General Information Assurance Scholarships

Cisco Systems Information Assurance Scholarship is available for students enrolled in undergraduate computer science and IT programs.  Qualified program participants are specializing in information security and assurance. Maximum awards are valued at $2500 each.

Symantec, the web-security provider, stimulates enrollment in STEM-related educational programs by offering annual scholarships to worthy would-be security specialists. Four ten-thousand dollar awards are disbursed annually, to winners of software innovation competitions.  The awards are reserved for winners hailing from four distinct Utah regions.


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