Software Engineering Student Scholarships

Work with Tech Writers, Programmers and End-Users to Develop Applications

Being a Software Engineer is a complex job. It involves designing software with the everyday user in mind. Software engineers work together with computer programmers and technical writers. The computer programs make sure that the computers can understand it, and the technical writers make sure the consumer can understand it.

When working towards your degree to become a software engineer you will be taking course in program language, software design, logic principles, data structures, and software testing. The technology age isn’t showing signs of slowing and there is always a need for these professionals. If you are having trouble with funding, whether need-based or merit-based, many colleges and universities offer scholarships to help.

Scholarshipssoftware engineering scholarships

Located close to Silicon Valley, the College of Engineering at San Jose State University has one of the best software engineering programs in the nation. They attract the brightest students from around the country for their software and other computer related programs. SJSU offers competitive scholarships for students in the software engineering program. One of their most prestigious awards is the Alumni Association Dean’s Scholarships.

  •  These awards go to the students who are at the top of their class academically. Preference is given to those who give back to their communities through volunteer work.

The University of Montana offers a number of scholarships in cooperation with companies such as Xerox, Intel and Microsoft. They also offer independent scholarships such as the Montana Minds Scholarship. This award goes to 20 incoming freshman in software engineering who demonstrate high financial need as well as high academic achievement. The Montana Minds Scholarship awards students $6,500 per year for four years.

The University of California- Santa Cruz is ranked as the seventh best college under 50 years old. This is largely due to their outstanding Engineering School. UCSC is a hard school to get into, and for those who worked hard enough to get in, it isn’t cheap. Fortunately, UCSC offers scholarships to help students

  • Multicultural Engineering program PG&E Scholarship- students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the Multicultural Engineering Program are eligible for this award. Students must demonstrate financial need and remarkable leadership in the engineering community.The Multicultural Engineering Program Scholarships through UCSC, are designed to encourage women and minority students to pursue engineering degrees including software engineering.
  • Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship- in memory of Amy Snader, who was an alumnus of UCSC’s Computer and Information Science Program, this scholarship can go to any student enrolled in the Baskin School of Engineering. This scholarship is awarded to students by the faculty, so there is no application process.

The Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) works to strengthen the field of information technology to help the advancement of libraries all across America. They offer all sorts of scholarships and awards to students interested in Information Technology. One such award is the LITA/Ex Libris Student Writing Award.

This award was created to recognize students with superior writing skills and to enhance their writing skills. The LITA/Ex Libirs Writing competition awards the student who can give the best unpublished manuscript on a topic in the field of libraries and information technology. Students must be enrolled in an ALA-accredited library and information studies graduate program to be eligible. The winner of this contest receives $1,000 and their article will be published in an issue of Information Technology and Libraries.

Students studying software engineering at any school can apply for the Apple Internship. This prestigious position will expose students to hands-on learning that will greatly enhance your technological skills and strengthen your resume.


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