Scholarships and Grants in Wisconsin

Financial Aid Perks from the State

Like most states across the country, Wisconsin provides a variety of financial aid programs for its resident students. These programs are designed to help Wisconsin residents find the necessary funds to realize their college ambitions. The government of Wisconsin understands that access to higher education is vital to creating a productive population, and by offering grants and scholarships to deserving students it is possible to bolster the state’s economy and to build a stronger workforce.

The State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board administers a variety of grants, scholarships and loan forgiveness programs designed to put a college education within reach of more of Wisconsin’s residents. These programs are supported by the state government, and offer valuable financial assistance to college-bound students in the Badger State.

Wisconsin scholarships for college


Students preparing for college, who are looking for financial aid to help pay for their education, need to fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is required for all Federal and state supported financial aid, and is used to determine the level of financial assistance for which a student is eligible. After the student’s FAFSA has been submitted, they will receive their Student Aid Report , which will outline the specifics of their eligibility for government supported college financial aid programs. Students should make the FAFSA a priority before applying for any grants, scholarships or college loans.

General Scholarships and Grants

Wisconsin state offers a wide variety of general grants and scholarships for its resident students. These programs are not specific to any discipline, and are open to all students within the state who meet the eligibility requirements, and who are enrolled at a state supported college or university. As with any state supported financial aid, award amounts are subject to change according to the availability of funds.

The following is a sampling of the financial aid programs currently offered by the state of Wisconsin for its resident college-bound students.

For more details on these grants and scholarships, and for application information, students should visit the financial aid section of the State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board.

Specialized Studies Programs

Many states offer specific financial aid programs that target high demand professions as a way of retaining talent within the state. Wisconsin offers a number of education loans and loan forgiveness programs for its resident students who are pursuing careers in critical need professions such as teaching and nursing. These are award-for-service programs, and students who receive aid will be required to serve in their professional capacity at an under-served or critical need facility within the state.

The following financial aid programs are dedicated to helping Wisconsin students pursuing degrees in high demand professions.

Resident students in the state of Wisconsin have access to some of the most valuable financial aid programs in the United States. For details on these programs, and for application information for these and other financial aid services, students are encouraged to visit the dedicated website of the State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board.