Student Financial Aid in Ohio

Got Enough for Your Education Bills?

The Ohio Board of Regents provides a vast array of information and services for college-bound students within the state. Through its dedicated website, the board helps Ohio’s students plan for college, and find the financial aid necessary to make their dreams of a higher education become a reality. In addition to helping students apply for Federal financial aid, the Ohio Board of Regents administers a wide range of state sponsored grants and scholarships for residents of the Buckeye State.

College-bound students in Ohio will find that the Board of Regents supports both general, and career specific, grants and scholarships for state residents seeking financial assistance to help pay for their college education. These programs are designed to put higher education in reach of students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue their college goals.

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General Scholarships and Grants

Students wishing to apply for any state sponsored scholarship or grant from the sate of Ohio will first need to fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is used by both federal and state governments to determine a student’s eligibility for financial aid. Once the FAFSA is completed, and students have received their Student Aid Report , they can begin the process of applying for federal and state sponsored financial aid programs.

The state of Ohio supports a number of valuable grant and scholarship programs for its resident students. These awards may be determined by need, merit, or a combination of both. The following selection will give college-bound students in Ohio a better idea of the state sponsored financial aid programs for which they may be eligible.

Specialized Scholarships and Grants

Ohio, like many states, makes provision for certain specialized grants and scholarships to address specific needs within the community. These may target certain groups of the state population, or may provide incentive for students to pursue specific career paths. The Ohio Board of Regents supports a variety of these specialized financial aid programs. The following examples illustrate the further funding opportunities available to Ohio residents looking to secure financial aid for their college education.

This is only a sampling of the financial aid programs available to Ohio’s college-bound residents. The Ohio Board of Regents’ dedicated website also provides valuable information on grant and scholarship programs supported by individual colleges and universities within the state, as well as information on education costs, college savings plans, and other forms of financial aid available to the students of Ohio.